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Warwick Printing starts transformational journey into LED UV with first UK Speedmaster CX102

The first B1 press that Heidelberg has sold with LED UV is beginning operation at Warwick Printing where the company hopes it will make a major impact.

Warwick Printing last week produced the first job on its newly installed Heidelberg Speedmaster CX102-4 LED. This is the first of its type in the UK and features Push to Stop technology as well as LED UV in the delivery.

The press opens a new era for Warwick which will market the additional quality from UV curing as TrueColour. It has produced a introductory brochure to demonstrate the impact of printing on uncoated stocks, with a new screening algorithm and extra pigment inks.

“The quality is really good,” says Warwick sales consultant Miriam Young. “It produces high definition print and detail is so much than on a normal press.”

It will be possible to match the output on the Speedmaster SX102-8-P that the new press joins in the Leamington Spa company. The company will be able to run the same sized plates on either press, though with curves to suit the style of printing being employed.

The new machine will switch from one job to another on the same paper in around one minute, thanks to the rapid plate change and automation inherent in the Push to Stop concept. Makeready waste is expected to settle at 30-50 sheets, extending the ability to print short run jobs on a litho press, bridging the gap, according to business development manager Adrian Weeks, “between our SRA3 digital work and B1 litho production”.

Currently the footprint of litho extends from 3,000 copies of magazines, brochures and marketing collateral to 20,000 copies. A pile turner will enable the company to make full use of the completely dry sheet in the delivery to turn jobs almost instantly.

“The new press enable us to give designers and commercial customers more flexibility," says director Paul Young. “We have had to live with drying times of two or three jobs for work on uncoated stocks. Now we can move work to folders and guillotines instantly without fear of marking.”

The commissioning of the press marks the end of a two-year project started under managing director John Young, who died at the end of last year before the press could be installed. The business is now in the hands of sons Paul and Alan with other members of the family also working in the business.

The project examined the potential for LED UV from every angle and supplier. “They have done a cracking job,” says Matt Rockley, Heidelberg UK, “It appeals to customers who want to diversify from what they do now.”

In the case of Warwick this mean being able to offer designers something that they cannot get anywhere through the TrueColour process. It also means the company can print on carton boards and plastics to expand into packaging applications.

“We have sat down the sales people, the CSRs and the estimators to ensure that they all understand the options and opportunities,” he says. It will also be integrating with Prinect and from there to the Tharstern MIS.

“We have worked with them on different screen resolutions, and use of ink to expand the colour gamut and so produce stuff that they can’t do in digital or with conventional litho,” Rockley adds. “It’s stuff that no other company can currently offer on a B1 press.”

By Gareth Ward

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Paul and Alan Young

Paul and Alan Young

Warwick Printing embarked on its investment project two years ago with a thorough examination of options on the market, culminating in the purchase of the UK's first B1 LED UV press from Heidelberg.

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