17 February 2019 Print Companies

RPM React aims to get Dorset buzzing

Digital print and marketing agency RPM React is working with the Dorset Wildlife Trust using print and digital to help gardeners chose plants that help the local bee population.

RPM React is exploiting the power of its XMPie personalisation software to deliver a campaign for Dorset Wildlife Trust aimed at raising awareness of the role that bees play in pollination of crops.

The campaign is multi faceted, delivering different messages and collateral to different types of people, involving video, social media, websites and events. Articles and awareness from social media, RPM Direct will be running a Facebook page for the campaign.

The company has 5,000 preprinted colour brochures that will be inserted in a mail pack to advise people on what to do to encourage bees into their garden through a selection of plants. The recommendation are personalised to the recipient, which differs according to the experience the recipient has and the size of their garden. They will also be invited to selected events and encouraged via links to videos to become more engaged in the campaign.

The marketing messages, created according to a short survey that those interested fill in, are triggered automatically from thousands of possible combinations.

It is the largest campaign the Wimborne business has become involved with since starting RPM React as a digital communications agency.

Marketing executive Millie Earl, says: “Using variable data such as membership status and gardening ability alongside monitoring an individual’s engagement with the campaign. Get Dorset Buzzing promotes to the powerful and dynamic with experiences that vary from participant to participant.

“This intelligent personalisation is where organisations organisations can set themselves apart by truly connecting with their audiences to increase engagement and create awareness, trust and loyalty.”

There will be several steps in the campaign, unwinding each month throughout the year and chiming with the season. The target is to get 1,000 people to sign up, pledge and take action to help pollinators through the plants in their gardens.

And should it prove successful, RPM React has its eyes on the other Wildlife Trust organisations across the UK.

By Gareth Ward

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Bees campaign

Bees campaign

RPM React is working to increase awareness of the importance that bees and other insects play in pollination through a personalised campaign for Dorset Wildlife Trust.

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