19 April 2020 Finishing

Baumann adds to automation to ease cutting bottleneck

Baumann has developed a lower cost version of its automated jogging system to expand the appeal of automation the cutting process.

Friedheim International is marketing an entry level automated jogging system for Baumann’s guillotines that can help ease bottlenecks around the cutting process as well as the back strain of lifting and moving several tonnes of paper every day.

The Basa Evolution is the new entry level system which jogs a pile of paper, aligning the sheets and pressing the stack to remove air, before delivering the stack to the rear table of a high speed guillotine. It has a smaller footprint thanks to redesign of some components from the first generation system. One Basa Evolution unit can be configured to feed two guillotines.

The full Basa system includes robot arms to lift paper into a jogging table and to shift the pile to the back table, so enabling one man operation of a guillotine. This has been installed in niche operations including label printers and online trade printers, but has proved too much for more typical commercial printers to justify. The Evolution aims to change this as a cut down starter version that can be extended with additional modules and functionality into the fully spec’ed version. The cost for the Evolution version is around 20% less than the full Basa.

The technology was developed and is manufactured at Baumann’s Solms site in Germany, where the company has also developed Bass as a fully automated cutting line, developed for operation in label printers where the same sheet needs cutting time after time.

Ahead of the first cut, a robot arm positions the stack under the clamp for cutting. The robot moves the pile into position for the next cut while also moving the pile in front of the knife to the next processing step.

In a label operation, one robot can keep two cutting units in operation without operator intervention for as long as the job lasts. For shorter runs, or where the robot is not needed, its arm is positioned above the guillotine to allow an operator unimpeded access. This was first shown at Labelexpo last year and the company intended to feature the technology at Drupa as part of the Finishing Alliance concept.

This is a concept combining Bograma, Baumann, Hohner, MBO and Herzog+Heymann to develop a linked network of different products and suppliers under Industry 4.0. In an announcement the company said that at Drupa it intended to develop “what has been a constructive but rather sporadic collaboration between these German and Swiss machinery builders in the past, has now led to the more strategic idea of a stronger linked cooperation in their activities”.

The partners already share customers and are generally distributed through the same network, Friedheim in the UK, for example. It planned to show receipt of a production specification from an MIS through different finishing steps to deliver a finished product with maximum efficiency.

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The Basa Evolution automatic jogging system will extend the appeal of robotic handling around the guillotine thanks to a 20% lower price that Baumann's full Basa handling system.

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