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Anthology: Drupa 2016

Everything the visitor and exhibitor needs to know about the highlight of the print exhibition calendar.

Drupa 2016 opens on 31 May and runs until 11 June. During that time more than 200,000 printers from around the world will explore the 18 halls of the Dusseldorf Messe.

For those who are regular visitors, it is a return to an old friend. For those that are new to the show, Drupa can be utterly bewildering. Even for those of us who will be there from its opening until closure, there is no possibility of seeing every piece of equipment, of checking out every stand. Equally it is important to search the aisles for technology that is completely unknown to you, but which can have a disproportionate impact on your business.

Drupa is more than this of course. It is the place to check ideas, to see what is possible now and for the coming years and to learn about the currents driving the industry. There are conference, seminar and debate sessions in the Drupa Cube; there are glimpses at new types of printing for textiles, for electronics, and of course for 3D objects. Truly anything that can be called printing will be present in some form for 12 days this summer.

Before packing your passport, keep checking the Drupa Anthology section of the Print Business website. It will contain the expert articles commissioned by Drupa to make sense of the market and technology forces driving different sectors of the industry, helping to put the show into context.

It contains the latest news about the products that will be shown by the major exhibitors and the smaller companies. We will seek those interesting developments that come from across the world of print.

It also has advice about how to get the best from the event, where to go and how to network after hours.

If on the other hand your response to Drupa is a shrug because 'it's not for me'. Remember that it may be about your customers.

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Getting the best out of Drupa

Getting the best out of Drupa

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How to get the best out of Drupa

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After the show closes for the day

After the show closes for the day

The Irish bar in the Aldstadt is where the old guard hangs out. If Print Business editor Gareth Ward isn't there early evening, he will be eating out somewhere, but he'll be there later on.

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The Irish Pub bei Fatty

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