01 March 2020 Print Companies

Xerox Baltoro opens opportunities for MailaDoc

Somerset transactional printer MailaDoc is expanding its business process capabilities with cut sheet inkjet.

The UK’s first Xerox Baltoro inkjet press has bedded in at MailaDoc in Bridgewater, Somerset.

"The Xerox Baltoro increases our printing capacity and enables more customers to use automated, high quality print communications from hybrid mail to direct mail. With the Baltoro’s super fast printing speeds, MailaDoc can increase the efficiency of its mailing services,” says managing director John Horler.

Much of last year was spent looking at ways to increase productivity and the technology available to do that. Ultimately, the company decided to continue its relationship with Xerox, and to take the first of the cutsheet inkjet presses in the UK.

The press will print 300 A4 pages a minute, around twice the speed of the fastest iGen, and uses the Xerox High Fusion inks to print on both coated and uncoated papers. Xerox charges for the inks used rather than by page printed, suiting the relatively low ink coverage of direct and transactional mail where the new technology weighs in as less expensive than the electrophotographic technology developed by Xerox.

The press arrived in December “as part of MailaDoc’s continued investment strategy to maintain the growth of the company over coming years”. MailaDoc was acquired by the ITEC business services group in January 2018.

Its hybrid communication services are used by opticians and car dealerships to drive appointments, services, open days and so on. The company also works in the health sector, for charities, insurance and property businesses. The ability to print on coated and silk coated materials will expand opportunities, according to Xerox Production Systems general manager Nick Bridge.

“This investment will enable the company to continue delivering a high quality service to their current customers, while also taking their business operation to a new level,” he says.

Horler adds: “The Baltoro compliments the rest of MailaDoc’s Xerox machines by seamlessly integrating with our current processes and amplifying our hybrid mail automation.

“We’ve been looking to boost our capacity for the last year and have a very strong relationship with Xerox. We quickly identified the Baltoro was the best machine for our needs and decided to take the plunge and bring it to the UK market.”

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John Horler

John Horler

John Horler says that the Baltoro has bedded in well at MailaDoc, helping to improve communication documents that it can offer customers, bringing colour where it was not possible previously.

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