17 April 2019 Events

Xeretec Best Dressed Print Event

How post press enhancement, personalisation and additional colours can help a printer stay clear of the commoditisation trap.

Xeretec is taking over the Xerox showroom in Uxbridge on 8 May along with XMPie and Vivid finishing to show how to go beyond CMYK using XMPie for personalisation and Vivid for adding value through lamination and personalised foiling. On display will be the new six-colour Xerox Iridesse able to print metallics, clear toner and white in addition to CMYK. There will be plenty of opportunity for networking and to forge links between those present.

Iridesse is the most important cutsheet press for Xerox since the arrival of the iGen and is the first digital press to offer six colour printing in the same pass through the press. It was launched in the UK less than a year ago and has quickly picked up sales.

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Xeretec showed the Xerox Iridesse at The Print Show last year. Now it is inviting customers to come to Xerox to see how the new press can enhance a print business.

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