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Xeikon to present sixty dishes for its Café

There will be 60 end to end line applications produced on Xeikon presses and parter technology as the backbone for an expanded Xeikon Café in Lier next month.

Xeikon has 60 applications lined up for demonstration at the Xeikon Café in Belgium next month. These include commercial print, direct mail, flexible packaging, corrugated boards as well as wet glue, self adhesive and in-mould labels.

The aim is to introduce new ideas and applications to existing Xeikon users to stretch the markets they can address for new and existing customers. There is a focus on the drinks market, wine, beer and spirits, which have proven to be a happy hunting ground for self adhesive labels in recent years, driven by the expansion of artisan production.

At the four-day event on 20-23 February, there will be examples of carry cartons for beer and single-bottle corrugated board cartons for wine and gin bottles. These can be produced at volumes that are far below those the can be produced economically on analogue litho or flexo print or even flatbed inkjet.

A technology demonstration will introduce stand up pouches using inline coating for a fictitious pet food brand. For automotive parts packaging, digital print fits with a supply chain that is increasingly built around just in time delivery, with security features available to add an anti counterfeiting measure to validate a product.

The applications produced will start with artwork, either as a file from a brand or designer, or created through an online edition tool, involving inline and offline process to result in a finished product. A range of Xeikon presses will be in action as well as technology from Aura partners and other suppliers participating in the event.

Xeikon aims to attract more than 800 printers from around the world to participate in the event. It will also include brands and designers in the audience and on panels which discuss market trends and the technology stories behind the applications.

It is a significant stepping up of what has been an open house into a mainline event for companies involved in or investigating the digital packaging and digital labels sector, helped by the wider exposure that ownership by the Flint Group has been able to provide.

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Xeikon opens doors

Xeikon opens doors

Print Business is hosting a trip to the Xeikon Café, including a trip to the company's toner factory, a brewery tour, as well as introduction ahead of a day at the event and a panel discussion involving users and Xeikon executives at the end of the day.

The Xeikon Café takes place 20-23 February with the Print Business hosting sessions on 20-21. To secure the best hotel and flight options, register by 14 February.

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