16 February 2020 Digital Printing Technologies

Xeikon markets refurbished presses for entry level users

Xeikon is branding remanufactured press under the Rex name and pitching for a new market unable to justify the cost of new.

Xeikon is going public on its ability to supply remanufactured presses under the Rex label. The machines will come back into the market fully refurbished and with the latest software at what Xeikon considers an appealing price point.

A remanufactured Xeikon 3030 label press, for example, will sell for less than €200,000, extending its Label Discovery entry level package to a greater number of label printers, either as a first-time digital press or back up machine. “This is a full colour digital press with the benefit of opaque white which gives access to health and beauty markets, premium beer and other end-use markets in the label space,” says the company.

The aim is to combat some of the inkjet label presses which can appeal to a label printer making a first move into digital printing. While UV inkjet can cover a good slice of the market, there are sectors – food packaging for example – where toner has distinct advantages. Mark Andy and Konica Minolta have been successful with lower cost machines for these printers.

Xeikon reckons that label printers are spending between €200,000 and €1.5 million on a digital press, with up to 30% of these having an investment capacity of up to €300,000. This is the slice of the market that Xeikon first attacked with the Label Discovery package last year and is now extending. It is likely to take in some commercial printers that have been considering diversification into label and packaging print alongside their traditional business.

“We believe the 3030 Rex will stimulate and even faster adoption of digital in the label market,” says Jeroen Van Bauwel, Xeikon director of product management. “When necessary our presses can be upgraded on site for speed and width when the business evolves to that need. This will be an investment which can grow with their needs over time as their business evolves.”

The Rex, standing for Remanufactured, Ecological, Xeikon quality, presses come with the X800 6.0 DFE and its range of connectivity to MIS and workflows.

The scheme is not limited to the entry level label press but covers a range of remanufactured Xeikon models. The process involves bringing the press into the factory and running it through the same process as a new machine after a thorough inspection process. This is something that secondhand press dealers offering used Xeikons for sale cannot match.

The branding mirrors that used by HP when offering remanufactured Indigo presses to the market. These carrying an ‘r’ designation to indicate their status. In either case the manufacturer places a machine in the field that might otherwise have gone to a rival manufacturer and keeps the annuity revenue from ink and consumables.

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Xeikon is remanufacturing some of its machines and offering them as Rex versions, an entry level label press based on the 3030, for example. It enables Xeikon to approach a new sector of the market that wants to take advantage of digital printing.

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