18 June 2017 Digital Printing Technologies

Vivid delivers extra versatility from thermal lamination with Color-Logic alliance

Vivid has teamed with Colour-Logic to enable printers to create multicolour foiled effects with its laminators.

Laminator company Vivid has teamed up with Color-Logic to expand the appeal of its laminators for production of creative effects.

The company was the first to exploit the potential for a laminator to become a digital foiling machine. The deal with Color-Logic takes this a step further by using the US company’s technology to enable digital printers to overprint the foil and deliver a broader range of value enhancing effects that with foil alone.

Color-Logic is usually sold under licence directly to packaging converters and there is an established network of label companies that are Color-Logic suppliers. The deal with Vivid expands this footprint into digital printing and opens digital printers and commercial print to take on Color-Logic and offer its effects to their customers.

The alliance comes in two forms: a single seat includes the design suite and FX viewer for a single user; a second version includes use by five users simultaneously and access to Pattern-FX offering additional effects.

The sheet is printed and laminated. Next the area for foiling is printed using black toner, which is then softened in the lminator’s heated rollers before the foil is pressed into position. This foil can now be overprinted to give 250 metallic colours using the Color-Logic software.

This covers the range of metallic PMS colours says Vivid product manager Lewis Evans. “Our Aqua Aura range of luxury foils are available in over 20 colours. By using the Color-Logic tools, you can achieve 250 different metallic colours, all from a single roll of film and with just a click of a button.”

And already the concept has sparked inquiries for the Leicester business. “People have been talking about this and calling for more information,” says Vivid market manager David Smith. It was shown at the Duplo Festival last week and will be on general show in the autumn. “We will be marketing this over the next 12 months,” he says. “We want to get it out there.

“It is not for everybody. You need to understand the Adobe Creative Suite tools, so its suits a company with its own studio rather than just printing from PDF supplied files.”

It works with toner presses, Vivid having run tests with Ricoh engines, the Xerox Versant and Konica Minolta’s BizHubs. It will also work with litho, but that is not the intention and digital is needed to lay down the foil above the press applied toner layer.

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Extra value

Extra value

Vivid has pioneered the application of foils using its thermal laminators to press the metallic material into a softened toner to create a digital foiling unit. Now it has partnered with Color-Logic to enable control when overprinting foils to achieve 250 colours, covering the PMS range.

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