15 July 2018 Business

Vistaprint leads popularity of online print in UK

A new report investigates the factors that propel a print business up the online ladder and earns the clicks that win business.

Vistaprint remains the most recognised online printing domain in the UK, no doubt helped by its extensive marketing consumer facing marketing campaigns.

It has achieved 368,000 monthly searches a month according to the Printing Service Insight Report produced by specialist ecommerce agency Inside Online. This was well ahead of both Solopress and Instantprint, earning 27,100 monthly searches and ahead of Gelato sub brand Optimalprint and Helloprint.

The report focuses on 50 brands in the online print arena where most of the connectivity comes through Google searches (around 58%). It uses different measures to rank each of the brands. It endows each with a social score, being a measure of followers and engaged conversations across all social media platforms. Here Vistaprint again leads, but is followed by Moo, FlyerAlarm, Printed.com and Easyprint.

Referrals via links in other websites are considered a good thing, though there’s a warning that high volumes of low value links may not be as powerful as fewer high quality links. Moo scores well with 682 monthly referrals followed by Psprint, Vistaprint, Solopress, and DigitalPrinting.co.uk. Moo’s high score is attributed to blogging activity with guest writers that attract links from their followers in turn.

While the report cannot be considered fully authoritative owing to the appearance of brands that are not online print companies, the notable absence of others, and to the different flavours of online printing that are lumped together, it provides an interesting snapshot of the market, from a company that specialises in search and driving online traffic.

The comparisons between scores in 2016 and those for 2017, showing that Solopress, DigitalPrinting.co.uk and Optimalprint grew faster than overall market growth. Helloprint
and Instantprint also expanded successfully. On the other hand, Printed.com, CheapestPrintOnline, Printing.com and Moo are judged losers because while their visibility has increased, their market share of search has fallen.

Inside online points that Banana-print’s strategy of prefixing keywords with ‘cheap’ has been successful. Others residing on the third page of Google reveal ‘serious technical issues’ or a misguided keyword strategy’. A page two ranking provides the opportunity for ‘quick wins’ lift the company to the first page, while those already on the opening page should adopt ‘micro-optimisation’ tactics to ensure they remain there.

Favoured search terms include anything to do with business cards with flyer printing also noted. The advice is to use less competitive terms.

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Online booms

Online booms

Some companies are enjoying greater success from the online printing boom than others, at least in terms of search rankings and referral links says a report into the UK's online print market.

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