21 November 2016 Digital Printing Technologies

Vario adds variety to spice the print

A second Fujifilm Acuity flatbed press has been installed at Vario Press to help keep pace with the variety of print projects the company handles.

Vario Press installed its second Fujifilm Acuity flatbed printer over the summer alongside a second Esko Kongsberg. And a month or so later, the Langley company took delivery of a second Sakurai LED UV press having already ordered in a Sakurai screen press earlier in the year. That was seen at the Print Show with a Baldwin LED UV unit delivering high impact spot varnish.

Despite representing litho, screen printing and inkjet technologies each overlaps the other says Vario managing director Dave Clarke. “We haven’t looked back,” he says. “We are able to print on all sorts of materials, aluminium for example as well as boards and films. Print is a service industry and if we are asked for a printed item we will produce it.”

If the company receives an order for a limited number of window film stickers, it will print these on either of the Acuity presses; if the number required is greater, it can print on the LED UV litho presses because these can print on plastics without distortion. “If we need to print white first, we can do this on the screen press,” Clarke adds. “All the technologies we have overlap.”

Likewise the company can create a high build spot varnish on its Indigos, but can do the same thing on the new screen press. It may not be quite the same level as is possible on a Scodix, he admits, but says that customers are looking for the impact that something a little different can achieve. The company is trialling different screens and consumables to find out which combination works best for each application.

“We like to be experimental,” Clarke continues. “We can’t just sit back and be a bash-it-out printer. We like working with lots of different materials. One merchant we deal with supplies almost only coated papers, but Antalis is prepared to work with us on coming up with interesting substrates.”

It works for the business, creating a reputation that Vario is a business that will find a way and that reputation generates the work. In turn that is returned to the business through investment. The latest has been the acquisition of a smaller printer, taking on its sales and staff. “They were only a printer,” says Clarke, “no large format, no screen printing, just litho printing and in recent years their turnover was going down.”

The message is clear in Vario’s experience. Investment in large format flatbed printing has paid off and continues to pay off for the business.

Gareth Ward

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Despite representing litho, screen printing and inkjet technologies, each overlaps the other according to Vario Press managing director Dave Clarke, (right). “We haven’t looked back,” he says. A second Sakurai LED UV press has been installed.

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