09 September 2018 Print Companies

UK's first Landa to land in Rotherham

Fast growing online print group Route 1 Print has ordered what will be the first nanographic press in the country and one of the first double-sided machines in the world.

Route 1 Print will next year take delivery of a Landa S10P, the first Landa press of any kind in the UK and one of the few of the perfecting models sold. To date, installations of the nano graphic press have been the single-sided S10 model and have sold in the main to carton printers. At Drupa, Elanders announced that it would be the first company to install the perfecting version of the press.

Now Route 1 will become the first in the UK when the press arrives early in 2019. “The Landa S10P fits perfectly into the print on demand model because of its quality, productivity and the quality it can produce,” says managing director Adam Carnell.

“This is going to bring about the shift from print to warehouse to print on demand thanks to the reliability, speed of print and the consistent high quality the press offers.”

The sheetfed press will sit alongside two Screen TruepressJet 520 inkjet web presses that have been installed this year, together with IFS supplied handling and finishing technology. “We see the Screen inkjet as a perfect fit for the production of the text section of booklet work, whether this be stapled, perfect bound or wire bound work.

“We also expect the Landa S10P will be producing the covers, Further we see the Landa producing flat and folded work at short and medium run lengths, biding the economical gap between digital and litho production.”

The development of the nanographic technology has been closely watched for some time, with the appeal stemming from the sharpness and quality of the image, aided by the Landa AQM technology to ensure absolute consistently and automatic measurement of colour.

Route 1 Print intends to make full use of the automation available and is working to integrate the MIS into the press and then to link that with online ordering, reducing the touch points between the order being placed and delivery.

“By creating the seamless link means we will get maximum benefit from the machine’s efficiency and at the high quality our customers expect,” says Carnell.

The recent focus on digital does not mean however that litho has been excluded from Route 1’s future. Says Carnell: “We are already planning the purchase of another litho press.”

Gareth Ward

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Adam Carnell with Landa Digital Printing's Mark Dempsey, happy to announce the installation of the UK's first Landa S10P at Route 1 Print to take place early next year alongside two Screen inkjet webs and HP Indigo 1000 digital press.

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