11 February 2018 xPrint Companies

UK online printer sets up shop in US market

Instantprint, the B2C and SME focused part of the Bluetree Group, has started a US presence aiming to take on the US players with next day shipping.

Instantprint, one of the UK’s fastest growing online print businesses, is stepping across the Atlantic to take its fast turnaround print business to the US.

Under the Instantprinting.com website and with prices in dollars, a US customer support desk open from 9am until 5.30pm and dimensions in inches, the Rotherham company aims to service states on the eastern seaboard, from Maine and New Hampshire to Florida.

The range is currently limited to business cards, stickers, flyers, posters, business stationery and folded leaflets. These will be delivered by Fedex to customers in the eastern US.

The company will offer as standard a next day dispatch service for orders received by 5pm. It tells customers: “If you order by 5pm EST on a Monday, it will be printed and dispatched on Tuesday, and will incur a $7 delivery fee."

The US is the heartland of Vistaprint, the main brand for the Cimpress group. In its initial pricing Instantprint seems to take on the online behemoth. Vistaprint charges $40 for 100 single-sided leaflets, with Instantprint charging $25 for the same quantity on the same grade of paper. Delivery charges are also higher for the North American based company and no quicker.

The UK business will be able to exploit an increasingly automated production set up. It has a B2 running inline with a Horizon SmartStacker deliver stacks of leaflets, trimmed and cut with no manual intervention. More recently it has installed a Fuji Jetpress 720S connected inline to a Rollem slitter/stacker.

Instantprint co-founder James Kinsella says: “This is a very exciting move for the business and the team which has created a real buzz through the office. We feel that our customer focused proposition will resonate with US clients who want to deal with real people but buy print in a quick, easy way. It’s very early days but the feedback we’ve had so far has been great and we’re excited to see what the future holds.”

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James Kinsella

James Kinsella

james Kinsella says there are opportunities for Instantprint in the US where it reckons it can offer an attractive service to SMEs and other buyers of standard print items from its Rotherham plant, offering a next day dispatch service for orders place by 5pm.

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