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Two Sides plans revamp for 2019

Ten years after it was started Two Sides has created a global network and has influence worldwide. Now it plans to revisit key campaigns and messages in the next 12 months.

Two Sides plans to relaunch the Love Paper campaign next year, drawing on the results of surveys and research to understand the key consumer concerns about print and paper.

Speaking at the Print Power seminar in London last week Jonathan Tame outlined the organisation’s progress in the decade since its launch. It has recruited 200 UK members, 28% of them printers. However, success rate in campaigns to reduce the use of inappropriate phrases about saving trees by opting for email communications has dropped.

What had been a 92% success rate in getting those complained of to change statements, is now a 77% success rate. “This is because we are dealing with a lot more cases,” he explained.

The organisation is expecting to find that the top three concerns that consumers have cover recycling, forest expansion and the need for a “digital detox”, And in the first quarter next year, Two Sides will launch a revised version of its Myths & Facts booklets using an updated design. The statistics used in the booklet will be no more than two years old. Printers will also be able to order customised versions of the booklet branded with their name to distribute to their customers.

Two Sides will also be responding to growing concerns about plastic and other types of packaging. “Many consumers still believe that paper and cardboard packaging is causing a loss of forest along with concerns about over packaging.

“It’s important that we don’t get tarnished by concerns that packaging is not necessary. We have plans for two pieces of research about paper and packaging, which will appear as a main report and localised reports.”

The London conference attracted a full house of printers, agencies, brands and industry associations where the message that print can cut through the digital noise and has the trust that digital communications lack, came through loud and clear.

Gareth Ward

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Stationers Hall last week

Stationers Hall last week

Two Sides will revamp its literature and relaunch its Love Paper campaign next year using up to date statistics said Jonathan Thame at the Print Power conference in London last week. The theme that come through the presentations was that print can be trusted at a time when digital's value is being questioned like never before.

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