09 February 2020 Digital Printing Technologies

Transeo Media adds web to pack to web to print

Online photo products leader is bringing a leading online packaging creation application to the UK market.

Transeo Media is taking on the UK agency for CloudLab and will be expanding web to print into packaging, says managing director Neil Bather.

“That is an area we would like to get into,” he says. “Press manufacturers, including digital, are increasingly focusing on the packaging sector. Our business is centred on ordering online, for phonebooks, calendars and so on, so why not packaging?”

CloudLab was established in Germany in 2013 and has a spread of 240 customers around the world, including high profile online print providers: FlyerAlarm, Cimpress and Saxoprint, and is working with Canon and Avery Dennison.

Its core application is printQ, a web to print platform that is built on the Magento ecommerce architecture which has a host of API links into third applications, a strong HTML5 editor and high resolution 3D previewer. Extensions include createX as the HTML5 editor to integrate into existing websites, a packaging design extension and a 3D embellishment extension to show the impact of foiling, embossing and digital enhancement.

“CloudLab recognises that every customer is different, so if a customer needs specific features, it is all possible,” says Bather. “If the application does not fit out of the box, we can make it happen. Previously customers have had to compromise.”

Transeo Media has been in discussions with CloudLab for around six months before signing as sole UK supplier last month. During this period, a number of customers were approached. “Some of our wide format and packaging customers have asked about an online solution,” he says. “It’s an area that we still have a lot to learn about.”

With Transeo’s photo products software users build albums using templates and Bather sees a similar opportunity for cartons, labels and flexible packaging applications. This would allow printers to use a library of dies. “A company that is selling candles through Amazon may only want 50 or 100 cartons for each product and our customer could offer ready made designs to be modified, providing templates to choose from and to be personalised. If our customer can do 80-90% of the work, it makes it easy for an end customer to order their packaging online.”

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Saxoprint uses CloudLab

Saxoprint uses CloudLab

Transeo Media will handle sales and support for CloudLab in the UK, giving Transeo a proven web to print application for packaging and adding to its existing web to print product line up.

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