20 November 2016 Print Companies

Tradeprint throws down gauntlet on large format print

Tradeprint, the UK's Cimpress subsidiary, is investing in its large format offering and challenging to become the lowest cost provider in the UK.

Tradeprint, the UK located arm of Cimpress, has expanded its product range to include bespoke sized display boards.

This is backed by a pricing engine that delivers an accurate price for the specification in minutes. It heralds an expansion in large format inkjet products, across banners, posters and display boards, which will be rolled out in the new year. And the intention, says Tradeprint, is to make prices “the cheapest in the UK”.

The decision is being backed by unspecified investment and falls in line with a corporate strategy to grow what Cimpress calls the Upload and Print segment to distinguish it from the Vistaprint brand. “We are looking for double digit growth in the Upload and Print segment for the foreseeable future,” chief executive Robert Keane announced at the release of Q1 results.

“We are making investments we believe will help those business units drive growth and improve their ability to scale.”

While the precise nature of the investment for the Dundee operation is unspecified, sister company Pixartprinting runs Durst flatbed and HP Latex printers in Venice. Tradeprint head of marketing James Barrett-Bunnage confirms: “We are making strong investments into our production facilities at once and over the coming year, and, for the sake of production continuity, developing connections to safeguard our reputation for quality and service. We’re both responding to a reseller demand for new product ranges that will enable them to grow their business, and to a space in the market for us to fulfil that need.”

That is focusing on bespoke board printing to Correx, Diboard and Foamex materials to begin with. PVC and mesh banners and indoor and outdoor poster printing will follow. The aim is to strip the ordering process down to make it as swift as possible.

Barrett-Bunnage explain that the new offering has been developed following the first large format products earlier this year and the feedback generated. “And, as demand has grown, we’ve listened again. We’ve used our print expertise and developed an amazingly easy to use interface that allows instant pricing and ordering of bespoke sizes and quantities of all large format print.

“We’ve begun our release with display boards, as we know they’re in high demand – and bespoke sizing means they can be used for so much more than before. We’ve made it easy for our small format partners to add a whole new range to their offering, and our large format partners to take advantage of increased bandwidth at busy times. And, most important of all, we’ve leveraged our production capabilities to give them all this at prices among the lowest in the UK market.”

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Large format spend

Large format spend

Tradeprint is expanding the range of products it can offer in large format printing, starting with bespoke format boards and growing next year to include banners, posters and other product styles.

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