10 September 2018 Finishing

Touch of finesse in finishing

Come and see the latest technologies in finishing, many introducing automation to techniques that have only been available in automated versions for those with deep pockets. Now smaller printers can supply a greater diversity of products within a reasonable budget.

The Print Show will be the stage for new finishing technologies to make their debut, many is responded to the way that digital presses have edged up into larger formats. Watkiss for example is launching the PSQ160-WH as a new member of the PowerSquare range for producing booklets from the long sheet digital presses that are making their way to market. Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Xerox can all deliver long sheets, creating issues for those whose task it is to turn these into deliverable products, including the stitched square back booklets that Watkiss has pioneered.

The new machine is a hand fed addition to the range suited to short run products from an input size of 200x200mm to 370x620mm and up to 400gsm. It will cope with up to 40 sheets, folding, stitching and delivery lie flat books with a distinct spine.

The Fastbind KF640 is another example. Sold through Ashgate Systems, it is a booklet maker for A4 landscape products, up to 320x320mm formats as well as more standard formats from a maximum sheet size of 640x320mm,. Production is put at 1,000 books an hour. The same company is launching a semi-automated case maker using the same approach as the fully manual model, but with easier placement of the grey boards over the adhesive sheet to achieve a more accurate product faster.

The show continues to attract a wider range of finishing technology suppliers than exhibitors from any other sector. Morgana, Friedheim International, Encore Machinery. Duplo, Renz and Perfect Bindery Solutions will all bring working products.

The latter has a two pronged focus. First on short run book production, secondly on box making. Both are areas where the market is expanding, especially in hardcover books where end papering and gauze application are beyond many of the machines on the market.

And with the rise in luxury packaging comes a need for short run presentation boxes. Making these by hand is time consuming and requires skills. The same technology as used to produce covers for hardback books is used to produce the boxes using semi automated systems to cope with the rise in orders or to open up an opportunity for companies looking sideways.

Morgana has picked up UK distribution of Uchida products since the Print Show last year. The AutoCut Pro is the newest in its range of card cutters and creasers able to remove the need for guillotining and creasing simple products at speeds an operator cannot match.

The company will emphasise the added value products that can be produced by the Valiant cutting table. This is a range of three cutting tables, represented at the Print Show by the Mat Pro Ultra V80. “It’s incredibly versatile, being able to perform a wide range of cutting, creasing, perforating and embossing operations,” says Morgana. “For those involved in large format print production, it’s possible to immediately see its potential for the creation of point-of-sale products, and for printers involved in varied short run packaging products – such as marketing or test products.”

The display will also include Morgana’s PUR binders and the booklet makers and folder/creasers which have been the foundation for the company’s recent success. These can now come with a 450mm pile to run unattended for longer periods. Short run jobs are catered for by a SmartStep table drop while a top feeding vacuum drum will automatically switch between paper types and weights with minimal intervention.

Duplo will also be bringing a new cutter creaser, the DC-516 with faster set up and a throughput up 6,000 creased sheets an hour. The number of folds and cuts will reduce this, still much faster than the manual option. The PFi Bind 2100 continues the ease of use theme, applying automatic set up, intelligent gluing to deliver a higher quality product from an entry level perfect binder.

The star however will be the iSaddle X saddle stitcher, a stride forward on the core iSaddle version which was first introduced six years ago. The new model adds data integrity, an improved inline scoring system for a flatter product, greater levels of automation and what Duplo describes as added intelligence. It is a system that Duplo says will have appeal to “any serious commercial printer”. The company has the largest stands in Hall 9 covering 153sq m.

Friedheim International is focusing its presence on sponsorship of the Printer’s Bazaar, the area given over to showing new ideas and opportunities for print and to presentations in the Business Seminar Theatre. Under this banner area areas dedicated to textile printing, personalisation, large format printing promotional products, packaging and specialist finishing.

Gareth Ward

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Watkiss will launch the PSQ160-WH at the Print Show as a new member of the PowerSquare range for producing booklets from long sheet digital presses.

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