02 August 2019 Digital Printing Technologies

There's more gold in the Xerox portfolio

Xerox is bringing additional toners, including gold and silver, to its C60 colour press, reducing the cost of entry for added value embellishment effects.

Xerox has launched an enhanced version of its C60/C70 entry level colour press capable of printing clear, white, gold and silver toners. The product suffers under the official title C60/C70 Adaptive CMYK Plus, rather than the snappier Iridesse, the first Xerox press to offer the metallic colours. It will, however, be known as the C60 Multiverse Plus.

It is based around technology developed in Italy by Bianco Digitale which was previewed at the last Drupa and shown last year at Italian show Print4All alongside the launch of the Iridesse in that country. While the new machine is competing with the high productivity machine (the C60/C70 is rated at 50,000 pages a month only), it is considered highly complementary to the bigger machine.

This is because a key target for it will be design agencies that can test ideas for both commercial print and packaging projects. As well as adapting the press to run with the alternative toners, modifications allow it to print on 450gsm boards. This opens the way to proof of concept printing for packaging or even ultra short samples production.

Xerox sees an opportunity where once the proofs have been accepted the job will switch to an Iridesse user for the production run. “This will never be an Iridesse,” says UK graphic communications and production systems head of marketing Kevin O’Donnell, “but it will help to fill them up.”

The C60/C70 also remains a four-colour press. In order to print the alternative toners these need to replace the standard four colours. A rack system allows this to be done quickly and with minimal effort. The extra colours can be laid down before or after four-colour printing. In contrast the Iridesse can print six colours in a single pass.

Xerox has installed a machine at its Uxbridge showroom for demonstrations and says that the technology will be available to its dealer channels as well as direct. Colyer Graphics, which serves the design community in London, is among the first to offer the Multiverse C70/C60.

As well as the four additional colours, the Italian developer has worked with fluorescent toners: pink, green and white currently. These were the first development after the Italian company was asked how it could make tickets to a disco more secure. This can also give rise to printing 3D images for suitable glasses.

By Gareth Ward

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ciao bella!

ciao bella!

Xerox hosted Bianco Digitale at the Print4All show in Milan last year but at that time distribution was limited. Now Xerox has decided to make the low cost embellishment technology available to a larger audience.

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