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The greenest of arguments

Visit the Print Show to find out about the sustainability of print and to take further steps to establish your print business as a leader in working with the natural world, not against it.

Sustainability is a growing issue for all in print and the place to start is with the substrate being printed.

Recycled paper is best. Though a faction more expensive, it confers a better environmental story on what is printed than papers made from virgin pulp. There is no compromise in terms of performance on press nor in the look and feel of the material. This might be its Achilles heel. In former times recycled paper was clearly recycled: less than ultra white, containing particles of an indeterminent nature and of uneven quality. That is not an issue how. Recycled paper should run as well as a virgin sheet. For customers that are promoting their environmental ethos, outdoor clothing manufacturers, energy suppliers, travel businesses, a recycled paper should be considered.

The Print Show will have some of the answers. Antalis may be in the process of separating from ArjoWiggins, its paper making sister company in the Sequana group, but its papers will continue to be available through the merchant. These include the widest variety of recycled grades available in Europe, from Cyclus through to the MSC family and Digigreen formulated for digital presses.

Denmaur has likewise been an advocate of recycled papers with the Revive brand in its portfolio. The range covers all styles of paper for all processes and comes with the extra bonus that every ream or tonne is carbon balanced through Denmaur’s links to the World Land Trust, a organisation which protects endangered forests in the tropics in order to retain their role in capture carbon while protecting rare animal and plant species.

Premier Paper is the third paper merchant present at the Print Show. Under its Evolution brand, the company has put together a comprehensive range of papers for all applications. Alongside these are the recycled papers under the Xerox name and distribution of Cyclus. The recycled content can vary from around 50% to 100% in all these papers. The virgin fibre brings additional strength as well as whiteness and keeps the price a little lower.

Premier can also offer a carbon balancing aspect though the increasingly popular Carbon Capture scheme where it works with the Woodland Trust to plant forests in the UK. These provide the printer’s customers with a good story with immediacy for their clients. There are opportunities to take this involvement beyond application of the logo and receipt of a certificate to show how much carbon has been used in supply of the paper and therefore how much has been balanced through tree planting. Printers and their customers can take part in tree planting activities, usually on a weekend in the autumn as prime time for tree planting.

Nobody wanting to understand sustainability during a visit to the NEC should miss the FSC stand. The Forestry Stewardship Council mark is still the gold standard for sustainable forestry management, going beyond the legality required of EUTR. It is the most widely recognised of the forestry management programmes, endorsed by the World Wildlife Fund and its Global Forest & Trade Network.

Two Sides, and the closely associated Print Power organisation, is attracting a growing number of printers into membership. It was set up by merchants to counter the “paper is destroying the forests” arguments by explaining how good forestry management is essential to a vibrant paper and print industry, that forest cover in Europe is increasing and that pulp is not sourced from tropical rainforests.

Print Power takes the argument further, addressing the use of print as a medium for direct mail, for news and pleasure reading and for catalogues. It conducts surveys and gathers case studies that show how effective ink on paper can be. These are useful to show customers who may be bitten by the belief that ‘digital is best’.

The FSC stand is alongside the Park Life feature at the show. This is a “forested” relaxation area, designed to highlight the links between print and sustainability. Event director Chris Davies says print and paper can be looked as part of the environmental problem rather than a force for good. “Park Life builds on this to the point where we will create an environment that will allow visitors and exhibitors to unwind as well as a gathering point to allow exhibitors to hold meetings with potential customers,” he says.

This function was previously performed by the Printers’ Arms, a bar on the floor of the show, where formal and impromptu meetings could take place. Somehow a mock forest will deliver a better message for the industry to get behind.

Gareth Ward

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For all in print, sustainability is a growing issue. At The Print Show 2018, the FSC stand is alongside the Park Life feature, and is “forested” relaxation area, designed to highlight the links between print and sustainability.

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Antalis will show its papers at The Print Show as part of an added value approach. The company has the widest variety of recycled grades available in Europe, from Cyclus through to the MSC family and Digigreen formulated for digital presses.

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