02 March 2018 Print Companies

The Printing House buys LED UV Sakurai to deliver a creative touch

TPH has moved in with parent SG World and invested in the latest LED UV Sakurai press with coater to expand print's appeal to the creative community.

The Printing House has completed its move to new owner SG World, capping the shift with installation of a Sakurai with LED UV.

“There were a lot of synergies between the two companies,” says TPH director Peter Harrison. “We have dealt with them for quite a time and they wanted the capability of what we could produce and we get access to their expanded team of sales people.

“But they didn’t want to have spray powder when we moved into their building. We looked at extraction systems and ventilation, but each would have been a halfway house solution.”

That led to examination of the potential for LED UV and Harrison discovered that as well as elimination of spray powder there were a number of other benefits, not least instantly dry sheets and an expanded range of substrates that the company can print on. “And finishing is so much better because there is no ink transfer onto the folders and then on to another sheet.”

TPH is a long standing Sakurai house, having use the press since 1991 and, says Harrison, “the operators love them”. It has also fed into trust and respect for the UK team handling sales and support for Sakurai when the LED UV option was suggested.

It is opening possibilities for more creative ways of printing that will appeal to designers, Harrison says. This will include the use of drip off and other varnishes laid down on the press’s coater after five printing units. “Not many companies that have installed LED UV curing have the coater option,” he adds. “At first there were problems with UV varnishes, which is no longer the case. We have started to look what we can do. Gloss levels are 20-30% higher than with an aqueous coater. We will also be able to do spot UV, so that effects using drip off will really stand out. All over varnishes are like those applied in an offline flood coater.”

To date TPH has not called on Sakurai UK’s support to get the press up and running. This will happen when the coating kicks off. “We don’t have experience in using the coater so when we get the first proper job that needs on press coating, we will get them to come up. And we’ll have an R&D day to work through the substrates we can now print on.”

The vibrancy of the LED UV ink has resulted in striking results for Reaseheath college’s prospectus, lifting the images off the page compared to the previous year’s publication. This is where the business operations align: SG World prints branded materials, stationery, labelling, functional and large format print to the education sector while TPH has the relationship for printing external marketing materials.

Liz Green, deputy head of marketing for the specialist land management college, says: “The printed prospectus is instrumental in communicating the wealth of facilities, resources and passion we have to offer prospective students so we need Reaseheath to jump off the page. We wanted the ‘earthy, retro’ feel of an uncoated finish to showcase the 330 hectares of Reaseheath farms, lake, park and woodlands and bring together both the contemporary and traditional elements of the college. The Printing House was able to deliver this finish with an exceptional colour intensity and pin sharp print quality.”

“Everything that we print on uncoated will look that much more vibrant,” says Harrison, “and will not be causing us any production problems. If we have a job that requires a spot uv varnish we can do this in-house: if we have a perfect bound job we can print in sections and fold because we don’t have to wait before backing up a sheet.”

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Checking the sheet

Checking the sheet

Keith Swift, Reaseheath designer; Liz Green, Reaseheath deputy head of marketing, and Peter Harrison, SG World, examine one of the first sheets from the Sakurai 580 LED UV press. The impact of using LED UV on the uncoated sheet is an immediate vibrancy that has delighted the client says Harrison.

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