30 July 2017 Print Companies

The Printed Word becomes first with UV Presstek

Horsham printer and Presstek loyalist gains productivity and control with investment in Presstek 52 Eco UV.

The Printed Word has become the first printer in the UK to install Presstek’s 52DI Eco-UV, a version of its direct image press delivering fully dry sheets.

The press has replaced a 34DI at the company in Horsham and has immediately eased issues around drying and turnaround time. “We were at maximum capacity on the 34DI and were thinking we would have to return to a conventional B2 press with CTP,” says managing director Rob Pryer. “However we spoke to Presstek presented us with this upgrade option.”

The company is a long term Presstek customer having installed one of the first processless platesetters in the UK more than 25 years ago.

The new press uses a doped mercury vapour lamp and like other commercial presses with UV curing technology, sheets leaving the press can be processed immediately. This helps to solve some of the problems that the company faced in offering a print on demand service. Sheets have previously taken an indeterminate time to dry, Pryer explains.

UV will also be coming to the smaller Presstek 34DI, but this will be an LED array rather than a lamp. UK sales manager Peter Swann explains that this is because the delivery on the larger press has the space to accommodate the lamp and the cooling system needed; the delivery on the 34DI is that much smaller.

The new machine increases productivity at the company. This is partly because the investment means a switch from portrait to landscape feeding, it therefore images faster and thanks to a better feeder runs faster. “Previously we were maxing out the press and running lots of overtime,” says Pryer. With the extra productivity and instant drying the new press provides, this issue comes to an end he says.

The company is producing business to business informational print for customers across the country on the litho press while a line up of five Xerox presses handles transactional and photobook work.

The Printed Word bought the Presstek 34DI six years ago. “It has proved a really good investment for us,” Pryer says. He is hoping the new machine will be just as successful.

Gareth Ward

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The Printed Word is the first in the UK with the Presstek 52DI Eco UV , choosing to continue its 25 year relationship with Presstek rather than return to a conventional litho press to meet demanding production needs and ease overtime pressures.

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