13 October 2019 Analogue Printing Technologies

T&K Toka delivers prime quality with Tio UV ink

Ink & Printing Technologies is introducing UK printers to Tio, a new high performance UV ink suitable for all technologies and applications.

Inks & Printing Technologies is introducing a new UV litho ink that works as well with conventional broad spectrum, tuned mercury vapour and LED energy sources, the three in one ink giving rise to its Tio product name.

The T&K Toka Tio ink is a first significant ink to be introduced by the Japanese ink maker since its acquisition of Van Son in 2018. One of the motivations for that acquisition was to expand the reach of its UV ink expertise in Europe and North America.

“It’s a very good system,” says I&PT managing director Clive Harper. “In the trials we have run, it has worked exceptionally well, which is down to the raw materials that are used.”

This is not a cheap ink, Harper points out. “But it offers great value for money. It has the edge on most products out there, but it comes at a premium. In the trials, there was an edge in efficiency and it delivers a really high quality print finish.”

Technical sales specialist Ian Firman says the ink has appeal for its "colour strength, especially the black and its stability on press. Ink and water balance can be  achieved rapidly and remain stable throughout the job, resulting not only in consistently high quality, but also less downtime and wastage of substrate".

The price may make it a hard sell to companies printing in a limited range of paper substrates. It comes into its own for those with a focus on added value and using UV to expand the substrates printed into the more difficult paper materials available.

The ink has strong rub and scratch resistance across a wide range of substrates and delivers good de-inkability to enable recycling which will appeal to some potential customers.

Currently sales are strong in the quality conscious Italian market Harper adds. “We know it’s a niche product because the commercial market in the UK is so challenging.”

The ink is available as CMYK only, another impact from the largely four-colour market in Japan where space is limited for longer presses. As yet there is no varnish in the family.

By Gareth Ward

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High quality ink from Japan

High quality ink from Japan

A year after buying Van Son, T&K Toka is introducing a universal UV ink to the European market, able to work with H-UV, LED and conventional UV presses and available through Ink & Printing Technologies.

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