26 July 2020 Print Companies

TPC makes first impression with Konica Minolta flagship

The UK's first AccurioPress C12000 has been installed at Berkhamsted printer The Print Centre.

Berkhamsted printer The Print Centre is the first in the UK to install Konica Minolta’s AccurioPress C12000, the supplier’s first 120ppm toner press.

The machine will absorb some work from the company’s recently installed Speedmaster CD745 litho press as well as handling a growing volume of digital work more efficiently than with its previous KM AccurioPress C1085.

“It offers greater speed, consistent quality, a long sheet option that we didn’t have before,” says managing director Ben Nixon. “We realised that although we had most areas covered with our existing litho and digital presses, there was an overlap where printing litho wasn’t really practical, yet the running cost and speed of the C1085 would probably not be cost effective.”

There was no consideration of alternative suppliers to Konica Minota. TPC provides the supplier with litho work into the bargain, and it is not afraid to be the first with a technology. TPC was the first in the UK to install Duplo's 600i booklet maker with a landscape option.

Sheets for this have had to be printed litho, limiting the lower limit the printer could offer and forcing the company to make plates for runs above 50 sheets. These can now be handled on the new press.

The company added lamination in 2019, now offers an anti bacterial laminate and is now expanding its online print offering to capitalise on growing interest in online purchasing of print. Jobs can go direct from online portal into the press with the first time a job needs to be touched being when sheets are removed from the delivery of the C12000.

“This is where the new machine fits in well,” Nixon explains. “We have customers interested in having the ability to order their products and we are looking to have some consumer products available. But it’s still early days.”

It’s early days too to check the consistency of the new press when handling reprints. This is one of the benefits of the IQ501 intelligent quality car systems and the Auto Inspection technology which scans every sheet for register and errors. “But we have run a long run high end brochure job for a demanding customer and were impressed with the consistency,” says Nixon. “It will take some getting used to. This is quite a big step forward for us. We ordered the machine just before the lockdown and had the chance to pull out, but decided instead ‘let’s go forwards, not back’.”

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The Print Centre first

The Print Centre first

The Print Centre's long relationship with Konica Minolta has resulted in the Berkhamsted company becoming the first UK user for the new AccurioPress C12000.

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