21 September 2015 Print Companies

TJ International takes iGen to control cover printing

Padstow book printer TJ International has installed a digital capacity needed to meet its book cover requirements.

TJ International has brought cover printing in house with the installation of a brace of presses from Xerox.

The Padstow book printer has installed a Xerox iGen 150 and Versant 2100 from Danwood to complement its increase in inkjet capacity for book block printing. It has moved up from a Konica Minolta that had been in place to handle covers for the digital capacity it had at that point.

Now says managing director Angus Clark “the vast majority of covers” are produced on the Xerox machines, adding: “It provides us with sufficient capacity for the foreseeable future.” Previously TJ had had to source considerable volumes of covers from the trade.

The company has previous dealings with Danwood and turned to the provider when looking to bring this aspect of production under its control. “They realised it would be most cost effective to bring cover printing in house,” says Danwood sales director Danny Roe.

“We have kept in close contact with TJ International so were able to go to them with a solution which would help them because of the volumes they were placing out.

“Our contract with TJ International showcases the high volume print and production demand in the market. Working closely with Xerox from day one enabled us to create a bespoke solution that meets the company’s high volume digital print requirements and supports its ability to provide publishers with a full print lifecycle offering.”

Part of the reason for selecting Danwood over other potential suppliers was that the Lincoln service organisation can have an engineer at the TJ factory within two hours, crucial given its location on the north Cornish coast.

The deal has included the iGen 150. It is a 150ppm press able to print on 660mm long sheets to produce 6pp covers. TJ ran trials on the presses at the Xerox headquarters in Uxbridge to test the set up. It meant a change of media from the material used on the 90ppm KM press that the faster press has replaced in order to maximise quality and productivity.

However, there has been no need to add extra finishing equipment as this is already in place, says Clark. A large upgrade to its bindery kicked off the company’s £6 million investment with a Kolbus binder last year. This was followed by a colour capable Canon ColorStream 3900 and Hunkeler BookLine.

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TJ International invests

TJ International invests

A line up of Richard Cox, head of finance at TJ International; Justin Murphy, sales manager of Xerox; Chris Ashmeade, Danwood
area sales manager and Angus Clark, TJ International CEO celebrate the completed installation at the factory in Padstow. The press will print covers for the company's expanded digital print operation.

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