02 April 2018 Digital Printing Technologies

Switch expands appeal with 2018 version

Switch 18 introduces enhancements that will increase its appeal for those building digital workflows.

Enfocus has released Switch 18, bringing a number of innovations to make it easier to build effective automated workflows.

There are three key developments: job finder to make it easier to track the progress of a job through the digital process; web hooks, to make linking with external services faster and simpler and private data, a feature that was previously only available through scripting. A new dashboard feature for Intel operations systems and a new reports function become available in the next upgrade due in the summer says the company.

The job finder feature will be instantly popular. It identifies and tracks jobs through the workflow making it far easier to find a job in the digital soup of multiple jobs undergoing simultaneous processing.

In use it will be possible to locate all problem jobs, the ones that need operator intervention, across different workflows, rather than needing to examine the different workflows individually.

The web hooks feature will improve connectivity to outside applications, again a function that will make it easier for scripting connections to MIS. The Switch workflow will accept notifications from the MIS, to update job details or opening a new job for example. Switch will be able to send progress reports back to the MIS using the same feature.

“Web hooks open up a whole new world of possibilities for script writers, app creators and integrators, and will ultimately simplify an automated workflow,” says Enfocus.

Product manager Toon Van Rossum adds: “When automation is driving your business, it is essential that you have a solution that provides full control control and transparency of your production. It needs to be agile in order to scale with your business as you diversify and it needs to be open so that all disparate, multi vendor, systems, both old and new, connect to each other.”

The private data feature allows a flow manager to store, customise and manage specific data within Switch.

The construction of a workflow has also been improved through the application of one-click actions to access job variable and metadata information. The Job Client gains an ability to edit jobs in the native application via a browser at specified checkpoints.

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Switch 18 arrives

Switch 18 arrives

Switch 18 introduces new features that will increases its appeal for those creating digital workflows and linking them to MIS and other applications.

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