14 July 2019 Print Companies

Solopress invests in UK's first MGI JetVarnish 3DS

Online printer Solopress has ordered a digital embellishment press to extend the product range it can offer customers.

Solopress will this week take delivery of an MGI JetVarnish 3D S digital embellishment line, the first of its type in the UK.

The printer has cleared an area of the Southend factory that previously housed two Jetrix roll to roll large format printers. These have been excess to requirements since taking delivery of two Agfa H2500i large format printers earlier this year.

Now the space will become a unit for value added products with Xerox iGens moved in, new laminator and a guillotine to finish business cards, greetings cards, stationery, book covers and potentially packaging with the foil, varnish and tactile finishes that are possible with the JetVarnish.

The machine has been developed for sales via Konica Minolta. It includes inkjet applied UV varnish, iFoil and the ability to create 3D effects through high build varnish using Konica Minolta printheads. In turn KM can package the machine to make investment decisions easier.

Solopress considered alternatives, including Scodix, choosing the MGI machine after analysing work loads and job mix. It will continue to watch how this changes as Solopress begins to offer customers the additional functionality that is now possible, says managing director Simon Cooper.

“We should have it up and running in mid July,” he says. “It will give us faster speed for straight UV varnishing while there is the possibility of lifting the finish with 3D effects on high lift varnish for tactile effects. It’s something that will be very popular with our customers.”

The effects need to be demonstrated via the company’s online portals. This is easier with single foil effects rather than by printing four colours on top of a silver or gold foil. “With foil, people have seen it, they understand it and it creates quite a dramatic impact,” says Cooper.

The timetable will enable the Solopress staff to understand the machine before the busy period really gets underway in September.

As well as the two Agfas, Solopress has this year installed a brace of HP Indigo 10000s.

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Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper believes that customers will welcome the ability to add foil and varnish effects to their business cards and greetings cards, choosing the MGI JetVarnish for this work.

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