29 April 2018 Print Companies

Showcard brings in robot to boost Inca Onset X3 productivity

Letchworth display printer Showcard is buying the flagship Onset X3 from Inca Digital Printers with a robotic system to increase efficiency in loading the flatbed inkjet press.

Showcard Print is replacing one of its existing Inca Onset flatbed inkjet press with an automated Onset X3. The fastest printer and flagship of the Inca range will be installed with robotics to aid productivity.

It is part of a £3 million investment at the Letchworth business. We're looking to the future," says Showcard Print managing director, Mark Smith. "Over the next few months we're investing £3 million in growing the business and the Onset X3 is obviously a very significant part of our plans. We've been Fujifilm and Inca Digital customers for some time, buying litho plates and screen inks from Fujifilm and running both an Inca Digital Onset S50 and an Onset S70 for a number of years.

“As the Onset S70 is reaching the end of its life we needed to find a replacement. We spent a year testing a variety of machines across the market and ultimately the Onset X3 proved itself to be the best machine for us for a number of reasons.”

The company also operates a KBA Rapida 205, the largest possible format litho press and a number of smaller format machines. Its experience with Inca extends over the years, always prepared to seek out the highest performance. It was a beta site for the Onset S50i, at the time the highest performance machine in the range.

This is continued with the latest order, meeting demands for ever faster response rates. “Customer expectations of quality are increasing and, as far as we're concerned, the Onset X3 is as good as it gets in that regard. When you then consider the new robotic automation system Inca now provides with the machine, the already impressive productivity has gone up yet another level,” says Smith.

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Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Showcard is adding robotics to its order for an Inca Onset X3 in order to maximise productivity of Inca's highest performance large format inkjet press to date. The Letchworth printer has been an Inca customer of long standing.

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