22 July 2018 Print Companies

Selsey Press is first with Agfa's resilient Adamas plate

Selsey Press has been running the chem-free Adamas plate as the first with platesetter and COU inline.

Selsey Press is the first printer in the world to work with the new Agfa Adamas chemistry-free plate running inline between platesetter and the COU 85 gumming unit.

The company is coming up to the end of the initial 90-day period since beginning to work with the more robust plate. It replaces the Agfa Azura plate which was giving no more than 15,000 impressions on the company’s two Komori H-UV presses. The new plate has run 150,000 impressions without problem, says director Adrian Tyler who runs prepress.

This is the key advantage and the reason why Selsey was keen to switch to the plate as part of a beta test programme. There are other advantages he says. The Clean Out Unit remains much cleaner and no longer needs a monthly clean to ensure the plates remain in top condition. On the other hand the company has added a cover from the imaging unit to the COU to avoid unwanted exposure to sunlight.

“It’s still early days, but I’m happy so far,” Tyler says. Currently the plate needs more gumming solution than the Azura had needed with Agfa working to align this more closely to the established technology. It is a faster plate, enabling the platesetter to run at full speed. The different coating provides additional latitude on press, already tight because of running UV inks.

“Platemaking is up to full speed. It is only a little bit but that can make quite a difference during the day. This a plate that ticks all the boxes.” he says. “I’m very pleased all round.”

The company was the first to retrofit the Benford EcoUV system to a B2 Komori Lithrone, since adding a new Komori Lithrone S29 H-UV. The company runs three five-colour B2 presses and a two-colour B3 Speedmaster supported by Xerox digital machines. It has also been involved in the roll out of Apogee 9 with Agfa. “We like to help, especially where it helps us as well,” he adds.

Next up will be the latest versions of Agfa’s PressTune and InkTune software to improve colour quality with refinements to plate profiles as well as ink saving measures as part of Agfa’s Eco3 approach to economic as well ecological printing.

Gareth Ward

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Komori with UV

Komori with UV

Selsey Press has banished concerns about plate durability on its UV presses now that it has switched to Agfa's Adamas plate. Plates no longer need changing part way through a job.

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