05 July 2020 Print Companies

Second Xerox this year for Eight Days A Week

The digital print and mail specialist has installed a Versant, to follow on from installation of a Baltoro.

Eight Days a Week Print Solutions has followed up the installation of a Xerox Baltoro with an upgrade to its Versant, replacing a Versant 2100 with a Versant 3100.

The new machine arrived and was commissioned last week in a smooth changeover and will be pressed into service handling the growing demands of the company’s web to print offering and print on demand service.

The Versant 3100 is a faster machine with greater levels of automation and the flexibility to cope with a broader range of substrates, so enabling the company to think about new types of work. This is certainly how managing director Lance Hill is thinking.

“The Baltoro has settled in well and has given us a different level of capability, it is perfect for low ink coverage essential communications and direct mail, where our volumes are steadily growing,” he says. “The Versant 3100 services our print on demand and high end work where the volumes are lower but the ink coverage much higher. Our web to print customer base is also expanding which is where the Versant 3100 will come into its own.”

The new machine also has an envelope feeder which will allow the business to improve the quality of envelopes it prints. It has inkjet capacity for overprinting “bit if we want to do high quality, this is just not good enough” says Hill. “We can also do lots of short runs of different versions for the same client which we would not be able to do if the envelopes were printed litho or flexo.”

The Baltoro suits low ink coverage jobs, while the click charge model for the Versant encourages high coverage four colour print. “We found the first Versant to be very reliable and we shall be able to switch between jobs with different substrates and sizes of stock very quickly,” he adds.

Again this plays well with the growing web to print presence. “It’s still a small part of our business, but we are seeing more interest in it and we have made changes to the portal, moving from one software platform to another which integrates with our MIS and CRM.

“We have picked up new customers and it’s an area we want to grow. We can even see it being used for simple, what I call desktop, direct mail.”

The installation comes as orders and volumes of work are starting to pick up after two flat months. Retail work remains subdued, but healthcare, pharmaceuticals and education have “started to wake up and turn things back on. We have tried to be there for our customers during this period. They have helped us grow, so it is important we are ready to help them”.

The next investment is already planned and the process underway. This will be additional enclosing equipment. “I have been eyeing up different bits of kit ready for a decision to be made in the next couple of months.”

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The new Versant 3100 offers greater versatiity than the machine it replaces, including the ability to print envelopes in high quality.

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