20 March 2017 Digital Printing Technologies

Screen updates original TPJ520 and lays down ink challenge

A new ink for the flagship 520HD catapults that machine into litho replacement inkjet while the 520NX is a significant upgrade to the original inkjet web press.

Screen has given the TruepressJet 520 a major upgrade with new print heads, an increase in speed and improvements to resolution.

“We have sold the TPJ520 without major changes for almost ten years,” says Bui Burke, senior vice president sales at Screen Europe. “The TPJ520NX is the New 520.” Resolution has been increased from 360x720dpi to 600x1200dpi and throughput is up from a maximum 128m/min to a top speed of 150m/min. “It is faster and offers better quality,” he adds.

The print unit has slots for five arrays, making MICR a possibility for transactional and security printers. This has not been Screen’s core market rather on that partner Ricoh has been adept at serving. Ricoh is supplying a version of the same press as the VC40000.

The machine has moved to a new wider Epson head which improves stitching and consistency across the web.

“This takes us into educational books and newspapers,” says Burke. “Quality is not quite at direct mail levels. The water based ink is not suited to glossy papers.”

The company is however tackling the quality and substrate issues through a new SC ink on the TruepressJet 520HD, its flagship inkjet press. There is no need for pre or post coating and no need for coaters to be part of the investment. It also increases the complexity of the engineering to build the press, Burke points out.

“The ink is the same price, there is no precoat consumable, no additional drying and no need to run expensive substrates. And the quality is looking superb.

“This is what we have needed to extend the range of applications. We can start to approach commercial printers and direct mail printers who are looking for extra products. For a direct mail house this is going to appeal because the quality can stand alongside a iGen or Indigo and there is no click charge.”

A key advantage for Screen is its background in prepress. “In scanner days, it was our software that managed GCR levels for offset presses to optimise ink usage. That is still part of the front end of the system,” says Burke.

Hunkeler was the first time that Komori had attended the event and its first time as partner to Screen in sales of the inkjet presses. Komori’s connections to commercial printers will accelerate uptake of the technology.

“We can approach commercial print operations along with Komori. We can hold our head up and go forwards with,” says Burke, with Komori UK sheetfed sales director Steve Turner confirming: “We will be having the conversations with commercial printers.”

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Screen TruepressJet 520HD

Screen TruepressJet 520HD

The TruepressJet 520HD gains a new ink that will offer litho quality print on litho substrates with no need for pre or post coating while the TPJ520NX introduced at Hunkeler Innovation Days 2017 is a major upgrade to the original TPJ520.

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