05 October 2020 Digital Printing Technologies

Ricoh transforms attitude to Drupa

Ricoh is the latest major exhibitor to change its plans for Drupa. Instead it will communicate with customers through a series of educational online seminars as part of its Henkaku Live campaign.

Ricoh is adopting a new approach to customer communication and as a result will not be participating in Drupa next year.

In a statement issued today, Eef de Ridder, vice president commercial and industrial printing group, Ricoh Europe, says: “During the pandemic, we have been building a successful virtual approach to engaging with new and existing clients. We are going to continue to grow this element of our interactivity in tandem with the more traditional ways of launching, promoting and demonstrating our continually expanding portfolio of solutions and services in commercial and industrial printing.

“Ricoh has always highly valued the opportunities that Drupa has brought us over the years. However, we have taken this difficult decision to withdraw as the continued health, safety and wellbeing of our clients, partners and staff is our number one priority.”

The company has run a series of Henkaku Live online sessions centred on its Pro C5300 entry level press. These have been well attended and have provided clients with insights about the latest developments in print technology Ricoh says.

It has also launched the Ricoh Business Booster programme as an online resource for customers that includes articles, advice and ideas on what the post pandemic marketplace might look like.

The Henkaku Live events (the Japanese translates as ‘change’ or ‘transformation’) aim to help business build a ‘robust and flexible business approach’ and will be split in two parts. One seeks to provide advice for PSPs to help them become more agile and customer focused using print to help these customers engage and communicate better with their customers. And secondly it will stress the value of flexible production, including the use of personalised print, produced on the Pro C5300.

Ricoh is joining a lengthening queue of businesses that are standing down from Drupa this year. Its announcement follows that of EFI at the end of last week. German authorities continue to impose restrictions on travellers coming into Germany from countries where prevalence of the infection is high. This includes the US. If this imposition continues into the new year, it will be difficult for US and visitors from similar countries to organise a trip to the show without onerous isolation restrictions.

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Ricoh is dropping out of Drupa, citing concerns for the health and safety of staff and customers and will instead invest in online seminars to help printers adapt to the new normal.

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