22 July 2018 Digital Printing Technologies

Ricoh targets inplants with special version of its latest press

Ricoh has de-tuned the mid level production press to broaden its appeal to inplant and small commercial print customers.

Ricoh has announced a version of its latest digital press specified for inplant and CRD use.

The Pro C7200SL is an 85ppm press which follows the launch in the spring of the commercial print versions of the Pro C7200. The new entry level machine is based on the Pro C7100 platform with improvements to registration, long sheet handling and finishing options.

It also lacks some of the colour control refinements that are crucial to delivering litho like colour in the commercial print world, but are less critical in inplant work. There is no fifth colour option for example. In commercial print versions this is used for neons, clear and white toner.

However, the inplant version can run the full range of materials, up to 360gsm, as the commercial version at the full 85ppm rated speed. It will also print duplex on a sheet to 700mm and simplex to 1,260mm.

This is the first time that Ricoh has produced a version of its print engines specifically for inplants, suggesting that the existing machine was either over specified or over expensive to appeal to this user segment. Eef de Ridder, VP commercial printing in Ricoh Europe’s commercial and industrial printing group, says: “The Pro C7200SL delivers a compelling combination of cost effective productivity and performance. It meets the day to day demands of busy enterprise print rooms and walk up environments.

“Clients can invest in this entry level system and develop their offering safe in the knowledge that our highly skilled team are on hand to provide support and guidance.”

Options of either a Fiery E35A or Ricoh’s own GWNX DFE are provided, accesses through a 17in touch panel display.

The range now comprises the entry level Pro C7200SL, the core Pro C7200S and the Pro C7200SX, which is the five-colour version.

De Ridder has also been active with customers are the other end of the scale to the inplant users targeted by the new press. Ricoh has agreed a worldwide partnership with the International Printers Network, an organisation comprising independent printers who can collaborate, share knowledge and experience and offer a greater range of facilities to their customers. In the UK, Inc Direct and Hobbs are members.

The IPN was founded by users of Xerox Docutech printers and has been close to Xerox since. However the organisation has developed a Business Partner concept to help build closer relationships with different suppliers. Ricoh has jumped at the chance to be the first IPN Business Partner.

Gareth Ward

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Keith Miyazaki, IPN;  Jeroen Beckers and Eef de Ridder, Ricoh

Keith Miyazaki, IPN; Jeroen Beckers and Eef de Ridder, Ricoh

Ricoh is the first Business Partner named by the International Printers' Network, hitherto closely linked to Xerox from its origins. The declaration comes in the same week that Ricoh announces the availability of an entry level version of the Pro C7200s 85ppm press.

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