09 December 2018 Events

Reasons to be cheerful, Part IV

Keep up your networks beyond the seasonal get together.

Tis the season to be sociable. There are parties, soirees, carol services even, all representing places to meet, to catch up and in short to network. All are valuable, even the let of steam informal events where drink and only drink is the order of the day. But why do most wait until the end of the year to participate?

On each parting someone will say "we should do this more often", but often becomes rarely, becomes once a year. We are too busy, too involved in work. We do not recognise that meeting old friends or new people, sharing experiences and discussing common problems, is important work. Just as an experienced non executive director or chairman can provide an insight that those close to the coal face cannot see, what is learned through casual encounters cannot always be gleaned in the quotidian workings of the business.

Which means that as we reach the end of this year, resolutions for the next should include getting out more. To events, to conferences, within the print industry, the region and the business sector you want to be involved in. Meet new people, see new things, and have interesting, informative and inspiring conversations. Cheers.

Gareth Ward

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