14 October 2018 Print Companies

RPM grafts to offer a trade offering for marketing campaigns

Wimborne printer RPM has put in the hours to understand how to build a sophisticated cross channel marketing campaign – and is offering this a service for other printers.

Dorset printer RPM Digital Print has set up RPM React as a separate company to market its ability to automate multi-channel marketing automation.

The launch comes after two years working with XMPie's campaign management software, building proficiency in digital print, personalised landing pages, trigger messaging and so on that combine to automate a cross channel marketing campaign.

Director Andy Place says: “Automation technology is changing the way businesses and organisations communicate with their customers focusing on user journeys that give customers a personalised experience of a brand across channels increasing conversion and creating trust and loyalty.

“This technology is currently benefiting larger businesses and organisations, increasing customer conversion and driving efficiency while reducing costs. We want to bring those benefits to SMEs across Dorset.”

This will include a trade service for other printers who may be asked by clients to offer a sophisticated marketing campaign but have little idea of where to start. RPM will be able to take a job and return a PDF file for print ready output.

“We have had the technology for a few years and it is now in a place where we can market to our clients,” says marketing executive Millie Earl. The new business starts with a franchise business client and one in charity’s sector. “While franchises are clearly a good target, so are agencies and printers where we can act as a bolt on service.”

The Wimborne company will manipulate a job and deliver a PDF to a printer to run out a personalised campaign which can also include embedded links to trigger other messages or to a personalised landing page.

It is a solution that has been implemented by larger brands and printers, and now the demand and understanding of the impact of personalised and consistent messaging across different media is becoming widely understood. RPM quotes research by ShipServ to the effect that “marketing automation provides a 225% increase in prospect volume that converts to sales opportunities”.

“We found that businesses owners and marketing leads are put off by the perceived complexity of marketing automation,” says Place. “Our new offering is to guide businesses through every stage of the process, through listening to their pinch points, devising a strategy, developing and implementing a solution and analysing outcomes.”

The company has had the XMPie software as an adjunct to the Xerox presses that now become part of RPM Digital Print, its separate ongoing digital print arm. However, until picking up on the growing market opportunity it had been a low key development. “There was a lot for us to learn and it was a case of training our own staff and investing in our own infrastructure and hardware to run the software effectively.

“Now we can help others build a campaign for their clients. We are not looking to take on and compete with the big companies, but want to work with marketing teams that are staring to explore these ideas.

“We can offer design, but we are trying not to do as we reckons these are services that can be provided inhouse themselves, but we are asking people to change their processes.”

Gareth Ward

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Andy Place

Andy Place

RPM has invested in marketing automation technology and is now promoting this to SME businesses in Dorset and beyond that have not been able to access the cross channel technology previously.

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