21 June 2020 Analogue Printing Technologies

RMGT lays down challenge with new full sheet format

After its success with the 920, RMGT is hoping to broaden its appeal with the slightly larger 970 format.

RMGT is introducing a new press format to the market, despite not being able to launch it because of Drupa’s postponement.

The RMGT 970 is a slightly larger format than the successful 920 SRA1 model. It runs to a maximum of 965x650mm, even for eight A4 pages to view with colour bars crop markets and other furniture on both sides of a perfected sheet.

If the 920 is an expanded B2 press, the 970 is a restricted B1 machine, sharing many of the features of the flagship RMGT 10 B1 format press, says the manufacturer. There has been size creep over the years as manufacturers sought to offer printers more. Hence B1 presses have moved from a 1020mm format to 1040, 1050 and now 1060mm, with marketing messages that this enables greater versatility to print bespoke sizes, labels in particular. RMGT reverses this trend and hopes to use the format to repeat its success in reviving interest in the SRA 1 format. Komori, Sakurai and Heidelberg now also offer the 920 format.

RMGT's marketing message is that paper, plates and other consumables are rising in price, and the 970 will handle the most frequently used formats around the globe. This makes the press less expensive to operate. The footprint is smaller than a conventional B1 machine providing more space around the press; plate costs are around 20% below those of a B1 and, according to RMGT, power consumption is down 34% below its larger cousin.

The manufacturer anticipates most of the installations will have LED UV drying and will be perfecting models, with one diode array at the end of the press, one as the sheet is perfected. Coating units are offered as an option.

RMGT plans automated set up and operation under the Smart Assist Printing concept, with a single touch to trigger a job changeover to a first pull, auto correction of registration and colour leading into the full production run. This remains under development.

This requires the use of a print quality registration camera to check registration, colour accuracy and density. There are three plate changing options from semi automation to a fully automatic simultaneous option. Each starts with an unbent clamp.

The touchscreen also enables adjustment to feeder and delivery settings with the capacity for a 1,100 pile at either end. A straight press will print at 16,000 sph, dropping to 15,000 sph in perfecting mode.

The RMGT 970 will be available at the end of this year. It will be welcomed by potential customers in the UK, says Murray Lock, managing director of M Partners. “Those looking at the eight colour press have had a slightly larger sheet on their wish list,” he says.

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The new RMGT 970 will appeal to printers for whom the 920 format is just too small. For a B1 printer the smaller format will result in less expensive consumables, savings on energy and a more compact format suitable for the vast majority of its work, and with LED UVl a sheet that is ready for finishing.

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