11 February 2018 xPrint Companies

Qualvis names managing director to free up Short

Jason Short becomes chairman of expanding Leicester company, filling his shoes with an executive from outside print.

Leicester packaging producer Qualvis Print & Packaging has named Adrian Collins as managing director allowing Jason Short, co owner of the business, to become chairman.

Collins is a highly experienced business manager with only indirect experience of print and packaging. He has however enjoyed a career that has involved business improvement programmes for both SME and large scale PLCs, running his own business and operations at various levels, with a strong sprinkling of food companies and roles in running integrated supply chains.

The search for an experienced executive to take on the managing director role began with investment in a new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 and two Xerox iGens as the basis for a digital print operation. The appointment enables Short to continue the ambassadorial role needed to promote digital printing of cartons.

Short is already chairman of BPIF Cartons, member of the ECMA committee and worldwide ambassador for Xerox. This is about raising the profile of short run carton production among brands and thus generating new business for the company. It has started a design and innovation operation to push creativity of folding cartons.

As the importance of these roles has increased, Qualvis has needed to have someone in place to ensure that the factory is operating to maximum efficiency.

The appointment of Collins is intended to do precisely this, bringing wide expertise from outside the sector to carton and packaging production. Collins says: “It is an incredibly exciting new phase for Qualvis Print & Packaging in the UK and European markets and I am hugely looking forward to taking such an already established company and brand to new levels, pushing boundaries and further transforming the design print and packaging sector.”

Collins was last week starting to get to grips with the nuts and bolts of the business, exploring the different departments and processes that are involved.

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Qualvis implemented an investment programme in 2017 with investment in a new KBA Rapida 106 and twin Xerox/Tresu digital carton lines. Now Jason Short has taken responsibility for developing this aspect of the business while Adrian Collins joins as managing director.

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