03 February 2018 Print Companies

Push Print opts for Jetpress to deliver quality at short runs

Push Print has a reputation for the highest print quality, leading it to choose the B2 inkjet press to maintain that reputation in digital printing.

Push Print has ordered the press that will make it the fifth UK printer with the Fujifilm Jetpress 720S B2 inkjet press.

The press will be delivered to the Bermondsey high quality printer in March. It will join machines at Route 1 Print, Kingfisher Press, Greenshires Group and Emmerson and will address a growing need for high quality short run printing.

In a message posted on Instagram last week, director Roy Killen explained that the the Jetpress was the press that the company had been looking for. “We understand designers and we understand what they want. There is a real demand for shorter runs, but what is not changing is demand for the highest quality and the strongest production values.”

That has established the company’s reputation over its 14-year history as one of the key London printers for high quality books, brochures and look books. Others in the same market segment have invested in HP Indigo presses to take on the work that is not economic on litho, particularly in a B2 format. Push had looked at this technology, but had preferred to stay with its Heidelberg Speedmaster CX102.

However the Jetpress offers answers to problems that other digital technologies encounter. “The CMYK gamut is broader and we don’t need to use specific digital papers,” says Killen.

The press runs at 2,700 B2 sheets an hour, starting up with no makeready sheets. It runs with 1200dpi Fuji Samba print heads.

The Jetpress 720S uses aqueous inks which are formulated to coagulate instantly on contact with the surface of the paper. This helps give the ink a lift and brightness beyond the standard gamut of four-colour litho inks and enables the press to print on a wide range of papers.

This quality and versatility is key for the style of work that Push takes on. The design community it works with use the colour and finish of papers as a fifth colour. Push cannot afford to limit its customers to digital specific papers which might be the case with other technologies.

The company says the new machine will be operation in mid March, after which it plans to run a series of workshops to introduce the capabilities of the inkjet press to its customers.

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Jetpress for Push

Jetpress for Push

Push Print is a significant feather for Fujifilm which has now placed its jet press 720S into a top quality printer to join those with automation in mind, versatility and short runs.

Push needed a machine offering quality to match its litho output on the same papers capable of being effective at shorter runs.

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