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Pureprint upgrades to highest specification Indigo

Pureprint is the first in the UK to upgrade an existing HP Indigo 12000 with the latest high definition imaging technology.

Pureprint is upgrading one of its Indigo 12000 B2 digital presses with the HD kit to deliver a step up in imaging quality. The Uckfield company will be the first in the UK to make the transition.

Initial testing has shown quality to be a match for expectations. “Luxury brands and the fine art publishing sector in particular will appreciate the new level of print detail that this investment brings and the results we have seen show that digital printing can match top end HD litho FM screen work,” says Pureprint CEO Mark Handford.

The HD technology is built around a new imaging head that can address 1600dpi, using 12 additional lasers to achieve this. The increased resolution compares to the 800dpi of the standard imaging head, which has already enabled Pureprint to win awards for digital print quality. This produces imaging quality equivalent to 170lpi. The upgrade will deliver the equivalent of 290lpi.

This will allow the company to print images in greater deal, especially those for fine art and exhibition catalogues and for details in small type. The impact has been likened to moving from a conventional to a 4K television screen.

Pureprint has six Indigos in Uckfield, a combination of B2 and B3 machines. It has frequently been an early adopter of Indigo’s newest technology, as a beta test site for the Indigo 10000, for example.

“The upgrade to the HD head is such a logical choice for Pureprint, a company synonym with high quality and fine art printing,” says HP Indigo’s UK & Ireland country manager Peter Jolly.

The challenge now is to accommodate that extra resolution alongside presses that are not as advanced, and channelling this towards the right customers, at least until Pureprint is able to upgrade other machines to this specification. Quality is not a narrow requirement.

Says Handford: “Many of our customers are interested in high end print production where colour and quality are very important.”

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Pureprint has six

Pureprint has six

Pureprint runs six Indigos at its factory in Uckfield, and is upgrading one of the Indigo 12000s to the HD specification. The company has a record of being an early adopter of Indigo technology and continues this as the first in the UK to add the new imaging unit.

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