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Pureprint leads the way in raising cyber barriers

Pureprint has earned a new certification to demonstrate it can fend off unwanted digital attention.

Pureprint has achieved certification to Cyber Essentials Plus, something that its group IT director Graeme Wilkie believes all printers will need to consider.

“The government has been pushing this for quite a while and we have ended up being ahead of the game,” he says. “We need it to satisfy the needs of the financial sector and the rest of our client base.”

It is both an extension of the ISO 27001 accreditation for data management and proof that a company can withstand a cyber attack. The recent WannaCry ransomware attack which hit the NHS among others has sharpened the focus on the importance of having systems in place to defend against such malevolent software. To date few printers have proved they can such defences.

“Anyone in direct mail or doing anything with personal data will be forced down this road,” says Wilkie. The government has set up Cyber Essentials after realising in 2012 that few businesses were adopting measures against the growing threat of cyber crime. It now has two levels of security certification to protect against malware, create clear access strategies and ensure that security patches are up to date.

“It is about proof that this in place, not just what a company says it is doing,” he continues. This means that Pureprint's resilience is throughly tested. “If there are ports open in your network, you have to run penetration tests on these ports,” he says. “You have to prove that if you can hack through these ports, you can get no further and is limited to a very, very contained part of your network.”

Pureprint has more than 400 computers which have to be updated with the latest security patches every month, Wilkie says. As Pureprint moves into online printing as well as direct mail the importance of cyber security increases. “With the continuing growth of our in house developed software products, our portfolio of services has grown to make the interaction of data and print an important part of our customer offering,” he says.

“Achieving Cyber Essentials Plus has added a new level to this and with some of the best print processes in the industry aligned with sophisticated data handling we give our clients the assurance that we will effectively manage their cross media marketing projects successfully and securely.

“As we handle a variable printing job, direct mail or handle cross media information and marketing activities, we are handling client sensitive information and that’s where we can become vulnerable if we did not do all this.”

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Pureprint gains new standard

Pureprint gains new standard

Pureprint has become one of the few in the industry with Cyber Security certifications, something that more of its financial customers are looking for. Its resilience against attacks from hackers has been thoroughly tested.

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