09 September 2018 Print Companies

Printwize shifts to Heidelberg with help of WHM

White Horse Machinery has installed a five-colour Speedmaster XL105 to replace a veteran Mitsubishi at the Essex printer.

Essex printer Printwize has installed a five-colour plus coater Speedmaster XL105, its first Heidelberg press in almost 50 years of trading.

The company, which was founded in 1971, has sold the elder of its two Mitsubishis to a printer in South Korea leaving the business with just a single machine until the five-year-old German press arrived at the Witham factory. It was sourced through White Horse Machinery, says managing director Roger Wacey.

“The market has changed radically in the last two years and the XL series Heidelbergs are just beating all the competition. We had to give in and join them,” he says. The 2012 machine has cost “almost a £1 million,” he adds. “White Horse Machinery has been fantastic.”

Wacey is 72 and says he did not think he would still be working at this age, letting alone continuing to invest. “But you have to keep up with the times,” he adds. The performance of the newer Speedmaster machines sets them apart from the competition let alone a 2004 and 2008 press.

The company operates to a standard 240lpi screen ruling for all work, not just top of the range fine art, but regular commercial four-colour printing. It also offers in house prepress, finishing and digital printing with Konica Minolta machines.

The Mitsubishis have served the business well, earning a Productivity Print award from the Japanese company for running without unscheduled call outs. It had originally had both B2 and B1 machines, switching to an all B1 operation in 2015.

Earlier this year the company installed a new Wohlenberg 115 guillotine, replacing a ten-year-old version and having earlier invested in an MBO T800 folder from Friedheim International.

Gareth Ward

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Roger Wacey says Printwize has bowed to the inevitable and invested in the XL generation of Heidelberg Speedmaster because of the productivity that the press offers. It has sold one of its Mitsubushis to invest in a five-year-old five-colour XL105 from White Horse Machinery.

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