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Printondemand Worldwide books automated solution

The Peterborough book printer Printondemand Worldwide has specified an inkjet powered book production line which will boost its ability to print run of one books.

Printondemand Worldwide has started the next phase of its project to transform into an automated book production factory based on web printing and automated finishing so that books flow from order to dispatch with minimal touch points.

The company has bought a Screen Truepress Jet520Z as the print engine component in a production system that includes Hunkeler Book Block line, conveyors to take these blocks to Horizon binders, further conveyors to take the bound books to Horizon’s HT1000V trimmer and from there to boxes for multi copy orders to a shelf for book of one orders.

The installation will allow complete inline integration from the press to the delivery point, but there is also the possibility of printing roll to roll and running the finishing system off line when running non standard papers.

For Printondemand Worldwide managing director Andy Cork, the appeal is about being able to print book of one at the same time and on the same equipment as short run production up to 1,000 copies.

The Book Block line is a more automated version of the equipment sold to Ashford Colour Press and to TJ International. It includes the DynaCut feature to enable single-copy production and matched the single copy production possible on the horizon three-knife trimmer.

Friedheim International’s national sales manager for digital solutions Robin Brown, says: “Printondemand Worldwide specialises in books of one and with DynaCut they will be able to produce a true book of one at speeds of up to 200m/minute, and this puts them in a unique position.”

However, Cork does not intend to switch continually between formats. The front end software, he says, is designed to batch production of similar format books. The software, developed in house, will also track every book and provide realtime feedback that is displayed around the factory and will be available to customers.

First, he says, “We had to get the finishing right before ordering the inkjet device.”

That has proved to be a second user TPJ520Z. “Screen suggested doing this, allowing us time to get the system right and bedded in with the finishing line,” says Cork. It will run with pigment inks to produce the dense black required and will also print in colour as the Peterborough business looks for further opportunities in colour books. “We are trying to link all the processes right through to dispatch,” he adds. Staff are being trained as much as preventative maintenance engineers are trained binders because, says Cork, the strain should be taken by the machinery and the system. People will be needed to load covers to the binders, but matching the cover to the book block will be automated, he adds.

The Screen press arrived last week with training to follow. The Hunkeler line arrives next month. Screen Europe’s vice president of sales Bui Burke adds: “We are very pleased to be partnering with Printondemand Worldwide. It is the next step up for a business that is growing. It is a significant investment which made this way allows the company to sort out the workflow and finishing processes with less pressure.”

The company has been using Océ cut sheet lines and looked carefully at the ColorStream option before deciding that for a fully automated production system, Screen provided the best option.

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Andy Cork

Andy Cork

Printondemand Worldwide is fulfilling a long held dream to create a fully automated production facility to produce digital books, including high volumes of book of one titles.

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