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Greenhouse takes to H-UV

Environmentally aware printer is the latest to install a B2 Komori with H-UV new generation UV technology.

Greenhouse Graphics will produce its first livesheets printing on a newly installed Komori S29 H-UV this week. The press was delivered over the Christmas break and installation and testing was completed last week, says managing director Ian Crossley.

The four-colour press replaces a five-colour Lithrone 528, where the fifth unit was used to apply a seal to enable finishing to begin quickly. However, uncoated papers have needed longer to dry, sometimes days before being dry enough to process further.

The Basingstoke company went through a thorough financial justification, looking a speed of makeready, savings on waste, platemaking and so on to balance against the additional costs of the UV sensitive ink. The savings on waste sheets at makeready will be significant, coming down from several hundred to 30 each time says Crossley.

This fits in with the company’s environmental ethos, underwritten by being one of the few UK printers to be certified to Emas. “In addition to reducing waste, it enables us to totally eliminate spray powder from the factory, print completely alcohol free and noticeably reduce our energy levels. In addition with no requirement any more for a fifth unit to seal jobs, we’re making floor space and consumable savings.”

It will also increase the company’s ability to cope with short run fast turnaround jobs. “It makes us very much a short run litho production unit,” he explains. “And compared to the savings we are making on press and the other efficiencies, the ink is a minor cost. The majority of the sustainability benefits are from the energy use of the press.”

The efficiency savings include being able to turn the sheet and run it back through the press immediately, no longer having to stop to wash blankets every 1,000 sheets. This will increase available press time and provide the capacity to increase sales from £1 million to £1.5 million.

The company had seen the H-UV technology for the first time at Ipex. “Having very carefully evaluated it alongside other new UV alternatives, we’re convinced that Komori leads the field with its H-UV technology,” says Crossley.

The company has operated UV curing on its flatbed large format printer and also runs a small format digital press.

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Ian Crossley

Ian Crossley

Greenhouse Graphics took delivery of the Lithrone S29 four-colour H-UV press over Christmas. It replaces an old five-colour Lithrone 28, delivering more productivity, greater efficiency and a lower environmental impact.

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