21 July 2014 Print Companies

Remous makes move to UV with order for Komori Lithrone

Dorset printer sees Komori's H-UV technology as a better bet than digital for a B2 printer.

Dorset printer Remous has has ordered a five-colour Komori Lithrone 29 with H-UV for delivery later this year.

Managing director Alan Bunter says he has kept watch on developments since seeing the press at a Komori open house in Utrecht. “I thought then that this will change everything,” he says, “then things went quiet for a while. We looked seriously at it for ourselves with samples of a our packaging work. We ran a heavy black solid as a test. This was smooth because there is no spray powder and we thought you can replicate that conventionally.

“As early adopters of this technology, we think this will give us something that nobody else in this area can offer.” The company is located in Milborne Port, Dorset, close to Yeovil.

The company has expanded into short run packaging work alongside commercial printing. It also prints books, brochures and greetings cards gained through its websites or direct. The new press will provide all the advantages that are accepted for new generation UV printing: easier printing on uncoated paper, lack of spray powder in the factory, faster deliveries and short run. “It’s everything that print is being pushed into,” he adds.

“While this would be served by digital printing, there isn’t a really fast B2 digital presses and inkjet is not available at a competitive price. H-UV offers that combined with the same plate changing technology we already have.

“Because there is no spray powder we will not need to wash blankets as frequently, so on section work, we will be able to go from plate to plate in minutes.”

Despite there being no need to print an aqueous coater on its fifth unit because sheets will be fully dry in the delivery, Remous has opted for the fifth unit, either as a special colour or for a blanket applied UV varnish. “We’ll be looking at spot varnish effects to highlight images,” Bunter explains. “While it will not be as glossy as a proper machine applied varnish, the results come close and it’s something that we feel will sell.

“We have made the comparison between a duct overprint finish and a coater varnish and there is not as great a difference as you might expect, certainly not enough to justify the additional cost.”

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Alan Bunter

Alan Bunter

Alan bunter believes H-UV will provide options to Remous.

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