09 August 2020 Business

Muller Martini secures press future through Goebel deal

Muller Martini has sold the plant that used to make presses and now supports those in the field, to Goebel, giving users access to a newer press.

Goebel has taken over the Muller Martini plant at Maulberg in Germany, which produced printing presses until production was suspended in 2014. Since then the plant has focused on service and support for the 1,000 variable cut off blanket to steel web offset presses that Muller Martini has in operation around the world.

Muller Martini will continue to supply spares for, and support, these machines over the coming years, provided through the MM service network. However the parts, retrofits, extensions and new machines coming from the Maulberg factory will be built by Goebel MMD employees.

As part of the deal, Muller Martini will act as Goebel’s sales agents for the sale of machines for packaging and security printing, where Goebel has a strong heritage and reputation with intaglio, offset and hybrid presses.

Both Muller Martini and Goebel are Swiss owned companies, building presses in Germany. Goebel’s press factory is in Darmstadt. According to Muller Martini, Goebel was the preferred candidate to take over the business.

“The agreement with Muller Martini allows us to provide services and spare parts to existing printing press customers over the long term, while also enabling them to invest in the latest Goebel technology,” says Goebel COO Felix Berg.

This is not the first agreement between the two. The VSOP press Muller Martini developed is based on designs created by Drent Goebel that Muller Martini acquired in 2009. This was a company combining Dutch company Drent, specialising in web offset printing for forms, with Goebel. It collapsed little more than a decade later, spawning DG Press Machines as a company building the VSOP design and the Thallo, a variable cut off web press for flexible packaging and sold by Contiweb.

Goebel has also continued with variable sleeve technology for security print of tax labels, vis stickers and security documents and in 2018 launched VSOP 2.0 for packaging applications.

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Muller Martin Alprinta

Muller Martin Alprinta

Muller Martini suddenly pulled the plug on its press division, continuing to support installed presses, but not building new machines. Now Goebel opens the possibility of new presses being built in the factory.

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