12 July 2020 Finishing

Horizon's future is on an integrated path

Horizon has introduced the first of a new generation of machines ready for an integrated, automated future for print providers.

Horizon has released the HT 300 three sided trimmer that a coterie of UK printers saw in action at a Horizon open house at the end of last year. The Japanese company had planned to launch it at Drupa.

It is the first of the company’s portfolio to be equipped with the Ice Link software, which expands Horizon’s pXnet workflow into the cloud and remote operation. This is the future production control system that extends across Horizon products as they become increasingly integrated and automated. A glimpse of the direction with linked processes and robotic handling was seen in Japan, and will be rolled out as new machines come to market.

The HT 300 is an upgrade from the HT 30C three side trimmer. The new model includes a bar code reader for job identification and to access job set up information. There is storage for 999 job settings, with a 12.1 inch touch screen for set up. Lights, with different colours, are used to indicate the machine’s status, highlighting sections that will need operator attention.

This results in a maximum production of 1,100 stacked books an hour thanks to a 300 cycles an hour running speed. This is double the maximum output of the HT 30C which operates at 200 cycles an hour and can deliver 500 trimmed books an hour.

The new machine can cope with a stack of 52mm in height down to minimum 1mm with a maximum trim width of 100mm and a minimum of 2mm.

Operating data can also be directed to the cloud hosted Ice Link workflow environment. This leads to a dashboard that can be accessed via a portable device, either smartphone or tablet. It shows production statistics, job flow and maintenance schedules to help plan these in for least disruption.

The system is intended to be in close conversation with an MIS, receiving job information and flowing back times to improve the accuracy of scheduling and estimating.

The Ice Link will cover all Horizon equipment, helping bring processes closer and to automate the input of date. The new trimmer, for example, can be linked to a BQ470 perfect binder which in turn can be fed from an AF folder, itself fed directly from a digitally printed reel via an unwind unit and variable cut off sheeter.

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The new three side trimmer is the first to have an inbuilt link to Horizon's new networked production information system and to feature different coloured lights to alert users to problems.

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