06 July 2020 Business

Are you ready to face the brave new world?

Gareth Ward suggests businesses should reconsider their outward image to keep up with the changing times.

And so the lockdown is slowly being lifted and business is ebbing back. There is a long way to go before most can contemplate a fully loaded production schedule, if ever they will again. This is without the social distancing ethics that will surely be part of the new normal.

Now is the time to consider how you are going to present yourself in this new era. Many customers are going to be thinking about their supplier base. It is a chance for them to do things differently, so will be looking at alternatives even if ultimately they remain with current providers. What then is the message that any business displays to the world? Has it changed to reflect a changed world?

In the majority of the cases the answer is a resounding No, or perhaps Not Yet. There is a still a chance to change websites, to present the sorts of products that customers may be looking for, and should be able to buy online. People will expect to buy print online, just as they have become used to buying shopping, clothes and household articles via websites. The online printers know this. The business card has gone, replaced by PPE or back to business packages. It works for them.

Gareth Ward