11 May 2020 Print Companies

A question of trust

As everyone's good health is now reliant on the health of those they interact with, Gareth Ward makes the case for strong customer relationships being key for a business's survival as we come out the other side of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The world is changing fast and on the other hand, it is not changing fast enough. Four months ago few would have dreamed that the country could find itself in lockdown, part of a global contagion that has threatened the established economic and political structures. Yet last night, the Prime Minister explained that things must stay as they are for now at least.

But things cannot stay the same. Businesses are slowly bleeding to death, whether print companies or their customers. There was a promise that retail and beyond that some parts of the hospitality industry can open, to be withdrawn if the invisible killer puts in a reappearance.

Safety will be paramount. Which means that trust will be paramount. We have to trust that the person facing us and the next person we meet are not contagious. Trust becomes the biggest factor for a return to a normality. And that will apply also to business. We will need to know that we can trust supply chains, that the companies we deal with will are worthy of our trust, that they are not increasing the risks of spreading the disease. Price will remain important. Trust is going to be key.

Gareth Ward