05 April 2020 Print Companies

Covid-19: Trade only forms printer will keep going for NHS

Print4Printers has vowed to stay open for business while there is demand for its multipart forms from different parts of the NHS.

Matt Kent, managing director of Print4Printers, has vowed to keep the Ripley business open while there is demand for the company’s output of multipart business forms.

The company received a boost in the days leading up to the government imposed clamp down with a flood of orders for admission forms and subscription pads for the health service. He says: “A considerable number of the NCR sets, books and pads produced are supplied indirectly to health services, social care companies, pharmacies and transport/logistics companies. We noticed an increase in the number of orders in this sector during the week prior to the lockdown announcement of 23 March.”

And the online only business will continue while demand for this material continues. “The idea is to keep going for as long as we can,” he says. “We are still able to offer this sort of work for anyone that needs it.

“We are producing a lot for different parts of the transport sector, producing for stock and extra as back up. The coach travel business has gone, but there is an increase from delivery companies.”

Staff have been split into teams so that should one meter be infected, its impact is limited. “We have had a couple of members of staff who are self isolating because members of their family may be infected, so we have worked out teams of two or three to let us keep going. We know other companies have had to furlough staff.”

Print4Printers works through brokers and print management companies as well as other print businesses. He adds: “Our online quoting and ordering system allows printers and print managers to outsource vital products to us, allowing them to work from home, safe in the knowledge that all goods are delivered, white label, using couriers with no contact delivery methods.

“If we keep an NHS Trust from running out of forms, which it might have done had we not taken this decision, it will justify the decision.”

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Forms needed

Forms needed

Print4Printers is a specialist trade forms printer and has been working with printers and print management to keep pace with demand from the NHS for prescription and admission forms in particular. It will continue to play its part for as long as it is able to do so.

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