08 March 2020 Digital Printing Technologies

PitStop gains automation boost

The preflight checking software is linking to a Switch enabled workflow and helping tackle more of those prepress problems.

The 2020 version of Enfocus PitStop, which is released next month, opens up preflighting to vector graphics such as company logos. It comes 20 years after PitStop was first launched in 2000.

This is through the use of computer vision techniques that allow the PitStop Pro and Server versions to see the visual content of a PDF file. An incoming file can be checked to see that the logo, for example, is present or missing from a file. It will also spot cropped or partial images in the file.

As well as ensuring that only the parts of the file that will be printed are processes, the ability to check vector content is needed to meet corporate style guidelines and to meet compliance regulations. Additional automation features include the ability to trace raster elements to create a vector shape, which the company says customers will find “valuable when creating varnishes, underpants or digital cutting paths”.

Senior product manager Andrew Bailes-Collins says: “The feature set offers new automation possibilities, and has new tools for working with vector graphics. Customer feedback has driven many of these advancements. The extensive list will be revealed as the release date approaches.”

One of the most requested features that has now been implemented is a find and replace text function within the PitStop Action List. There is a new check for bleed using a page based approach rather than by object as in earlier versions. Bleed, or lack of, remains one of the biggest niggles in digital prepress workflows.

A further stride towards automation is the inclusion of a Enfocus Switch Core 2020 license when that is updated in June. This can be set up using rule based workflows to flow work through Switch from a variety of applications, feeds and flows, into the PitStop server. It brings the two arms of the Enfocus business closer at a point that interest in automation is rocketing.

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Enfocus workflow

Enfocus workflow

Enfocus is moving to integrate its PitStop and Switch product lines with the newest releases of the software coming this year. PitStop 2020 will be released next month 20 years after the first version of the preflight software was introduced.

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