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Orchard Press hammers away on Duplo booklet maker

Swindon printer Orchard Press has taken delivery of a Duplo DBM at precisely the right time.

Two weeks after installation of a Duplo DBM 350 at Orchard Press, Swindon, the new booklet maker is really hammering the work, says director Jason Grubb.

In its first week the company put 70,000 booklets through the Duplo, and is heading for 100,000 a week as Orchard is now able to keep work in house.

“We have always put fold stitch trim work out to the trade but it had got to the point where we needed to look at bringing this in house,” says Grubb. The time taken, the cost of set up and transportation, and the appeal of keeping margin in house all weighed in favour of the investment.

“We had paid off all our finance commitments and this was a natural progression for us,” he continues. “We have a couple of contract jobs that will be perfect for it. It has arrived here just at the right time. We have already had to change the wire twice.”

The company already had a collator from Duplo and had been producing booklets from its Ricoh digital press on a Plockmatic device. The Duplo will handle the longer litho runs: 104,000 8pp A5s, 20,000 28pp A4 being typical. It will also provide back up for the Plockmatic as it can be hand fed. The DBM 350 has the square back finished option to mirror the capability of the Plockmatic.

The finisher was delivered three and a half weeks after the order was signed, says Grubb, and was in place for the volume of work that had been planned in for it. The demonstration, the scheduling of the installation and provision of training afterwards all receive praise from Duplo. Once set up, the DBM 350 is easy to run from even the semi trained, he adds.

“It is the right piece of equipment for us – I don’t know why I didn’t buy it five years ago,” he adds.

It is also having a positive impact internally. The finishing team know when watching the press in action that they will be finishing these jobs, Grubb explains.

And in the new year Orchard will be back at Duplo’s showroom in Addlestone looking at a multi finisher, having seen a quick run through when deciding on the booklet maker.

By Gareth Ward

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Orchard directors Jason and Sam Grubb

Orchard directors Jason and Sam Grubb

Jason Grubb, Orchard Press director, will return to the Duplo showroom to check out its multi finishers before negotiating the deal to add on to the DBM 350 that the Swindon company is running.

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